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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wun Chuen Sin Koon Temple

Before we went to the strawberry farm in Fanling, we stopped over a temple somewhere nearby, so as to take our lunch there.

Well, we just thought of taking a simple vegetarian lunch over there, didn't expect the place is such a well maintained and photogenic one...

The temple is called Wun Chuen Sin Koon (雲泉仙館), built around 70 years ago. It's a temple whose traditions originated from Xiqiao, Guangdong. The Taoist monks who originally moved here were forced to start a new life in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in 1938, and they started constructing a replica of their temple in Xiqiao.

Hello, anybody in?

First of all, we looked for this Wun Chuen Vegetarian Centre to serve our groaning tummy. This "restaurant" isn't hard to find at all. In fact, anyone would definitely see it, cause it is located just right at the main entrance.

The open place where we all eat together at here.

We got to share a table with another family. Also, we need to half self-service ourselves.

Our lunch for the day. I ordered the dishes that most people had recommended.

1. 七彩素拼盤 (HKD 65)

Very big portion. Some of them taste a bit too sweet.

2. 五柳仙斑 (HKD 65)

Very big portion. Crispy but too oily. We couldn't finish 1/3 of the portion.

3. 齋燒鵝 (HKD 65)

Very big portion. It tastes excellent, we love it.

After lunch, we strolled around the temple area...

Every autumn since 1986, chrysanthemum exhibitions have been held.

The way enter the garden.

Wun Chuen Sin Koon's large area is mainly a garden zone with lotus ponds, traditional bridges, stone forest, miniature gardens and exquisite carvings.

It said the lotus pond and chrysanthemums in winter time are a major tourist attraction for the temple. But that's what we saw from the lotus pond.

The pavilion at the center of lotus pond.

Everywhere we go, we saw chrysanthemums.

This place is near the Frontier Closed Area, along the border with mainland China.

Make-a-wish bowl.

The tree that was used to build Tarzan's tree house (in HK Disneyland).

Wun Chuen Sin Koon is a Taoist temple worshipping Master Lu Chunyang. The temple design resembles that of ancient palaces.

"Please give me more toys..."

"Please give me more toys, more than kor-kor..."