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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese New Year Fair

Haven't been to the HK's biggest New Year Fair for at least 2 years already. Thus, we decided to go to the place this year.

Although very cold that morning, the weather was fine somehow.

As usual, flowers are the main attraction to me...

We didn't plan to bring home any pot this year, but next year, after we move in to the new house.

The price of the flowers have been increased by at least 30% this year. Terrible inflation !

Over 90% of the flowers are seriously very beautiful in my eyes.

Besides flowers, many little thingy are sold as well. Some are very cute & innovative, some are nonsense.

For example, this is a very creative 'bouquet", as a replacement to traditional flower bouquet. Girls would love it.

Balloons...every years look the same.

A not-so-ordinary seller in the fair.

Sons' favorite "Lego". As usual, we bought each of them 1 packet, cost only HK$30.

No potential buyer for these thingy at all...

This too...well, they are not something very special.

After a very quick walk on the "dry area", we walked to the "wet area", a far more interesting place than the "dry area".

Due to the extreme cold weather this year, many flowers still haven't blossomed to their fullest yet.

As usual, orchid flowers are the dominants in the fair...

A big pot of orchid flowers like this one can easily cost more than HK$1500, really not cheap.

Tou-Hua. My company had bought a very big one this year. When all of the flowers come out, it's indeed a beautiful scene. I hope I can still get to see the flowers when I go back to the office after the New Year holiday later.

All have been dyed with beautiful colors, amazing !

So so beautiful....

Love the color as well.

Smaller pot, with more economic price.

Wishing of of us "one year older, one year wiser" and a pink of health too.

Maybe I will try to plant one of this flowers in my little garden later.

The flower is so big if compared to its body. Weird, I wonder if the root is still there?

A smaller but much cheaper bouquet of flowers is still a very good choice to decorate the home lively and beautifully.

This one is called "crawls of a crab". Indeed, the pink flowers at both side looks very much like a crab's clamp.

A little decoration can make things look even charming.

Mix-and-match option.

Sort of the new balloon we haven't seen before.

Some of the very traditional snacks....

to me, they all taste too sweet.

Have heard many about this...very interesting.

a very beautiful giant flowers...I love this pink.


Every Sunday, people will get to see this kind of disgraceful scene everywhere along the streets in Hong Kong island.

Since we were there, we walked a longer distance to some of the stores to take a look of the electrical appliances that we may buy for the new home.

The Olympics pedestrian flyover.

Too tired to walk back to the parking lot to take our car, thus we took the tram.

One of the busy streets in Causeway Bay.