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Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank God It's Friday

All these years, I didn't know there is this nice restaurant in HK, until my friend brought us to the place. If not because of her, we probably won't aware of its existence for another 16 years living here.

The restaurant has a very easy to be remembered name, called "Thank God It's Friday" (T.G.I. Friday's). Well, who won't agree of it, right? 

There is a promotion offered by the restaurant lately. When my friend saw it, they invited us to join them. Of course we said yes happily. So, she bought 4 coupons for us too, and there we go...in a fine Sunday afternoon. 

The restaurant is located at 4th floor, but people can walk up from the 3rd floor by using this nostalgia stair case.  When I saw this setting, I like the place instantly. 

My friend and her family hasn't arrived yet, but they have made the reservation. So, we could get a table for 8 very fast.

My 1st impression about this restaurant is "HUGE". I have never been to such a huge restaurant in HK before. 

T.G.I. Friday's is situated on 4th Oterprise Square on 26 Nathan Road, in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant itself consists of 2 floors with 276 seats. 

Outside the window, one can see Peninsula Hotel on the right, and Sharoton Hotel on the left.  

Unfortunately, we didn't get the table that is near to the big glass window, but in the center of the restaurant, near to the bar area. Anyway, that's fine to us. 

The boys are thrilled about the place too...

and they can't wait to explore around...

Even though the 2nd floor was not opened for that afternoon, guests are free to walk up and down like nobody's business. So, the spacious upper floor has become the boys' playground on that afternoon. Simply terrific to their parents. 

This place has blended fun and food together very well. I really feel total relaxation in an atmosphere that is covered with memorabilia rang of old fashion decorations, advertising signs, musical instruments, a full size of rowing boat, rocking horses, sports equipment, etc. Awesome !! 

It said : In here, it's always Friday....

The restaurant provides traditional serving of classic American-food favourites, exotic cocktails and find wines. 

Before I walked up to the 2nd floor, I looked back to the stair where we walked in just now.

Looking down from the 2nd floor...

The main entrance...

The table where we were seated. Poor husband, he got to safe guard our belongings when the 3 of us have gone upstairs. 

The spacious 2nd floor.

15 minutes later, our buddies arrived at the restaurant. Then these 4 boys started to run up and down like wild monkeys. Since the place is really big, nobody cares for their wildness. So we just let them be. 

Even the bar table has become their playground. 

These 2 men have many things in common to talk over, like houses, stocks, cars...probably gossips about their wife too.

My dear friend and her 2 sons. 

The lunch coupon that we have bought cost HKD70 only (original price is HKD 238).

The menu consists of salad, soup, main course, drinks & desserts. Sounds super worth it.

To be honest, the food's quality is not up to its standard. But with this super cheap price, what can we expect, right?

I like this fish & chips though. Experience had told us that this dish is a safe dish everywhere we go.

This dish is the best garnished one. 

Husband's comment about this burger : McDonald's bugger taste much better. 

The boys love the foods though, especially the fries, and the unlimited refill soft drinks.

The 4 dishes that we have ordered.

Despite the foods & services are really so-so, the place is fabulous for us to hang around with friends. We sat there, chatted casually until we got to take the boys to attend their triathlon training at 4pm.

We will go there again, some time in the future. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Magic Show

There is this show called "Magic Biggest Secret Finally Reveal" that the boys love to watch every Saturday night. I think it's a good show to kids cause they can learn magic tricks FOC, and then amazed their folks who thought the kids are still dumb somehow....

Well, I got to watch the show too....