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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ngong Ping 360

How time does fly, the last time we went to Ngong Ping 360 was 4 years ago.
Same like many other tourist places, once we've been there, the place will lost its magic attractiveness instantly. It's no wonder we will not want to go to Ngong Ping 360 without a special reason.
This time, we went there again because of a good old friend of mine came to HK for vacation. Out of so many tourist places, we choose Ngong Ping 360 because it is the most convenient and easy trip for all of us.

WY and I knew each other since P3 (as far as I remember). We had lost contact for the past 20 years. Just when we thought life had drifted us apart, we found each other again several years ago. Thanks to Facebook.
She still look the same (very well-kept), except a mom to 2 beautiful girls now. Also, something would never changed in nature, she still fabulous in cooking. She even baked a chocolate cake and brought it all over from Singapore to Hong Kong for me. For this, I felt so touched, and I really appreciate for her good heart.

When I was young, I wish I would have a pretty little girl for myself, just like Qi-Qi. Well, now then this would never gonna happen. And to be honest, ever since the second one was born, I'm perfectly ok with 2 boys as for my destiny.

Mom was with us too. She seemed very happy on that day.

The Big Buddha as seen from Ngong Ping Village.

Among the 4 kids, Qi-Qi likes to take photo the most. She is a bit younger than William.

Finally, get to snap Xi-Xi in the photo as well. She is about Vincent's age.
At first, they played in their own group. Soon when they saw this tree, the ice between them breaks. Well, boys or girls, they just love to conquer this tree.

Like said : they are the future pillar for their country.

Vincent is so sweet, he held Qi-Qi's hand so that she won't fell down from the branch.

Xi-Xi is the most mature one, soft and quiet. I enjoyed talking to her.

The magnificent Big Buddha sits atop the hill.

I didn't recall I saw this statue before, must be added lately.

Excuse me, that's their nature to worship the statue in this way....

This is truly a tourist place...

Thanks WY for taking this lovely family photo for us.

Walking towards the Big Buddha...

I think this shot is nice, but my mom said I should have taken her with the whole Buddha..

Fine, here is another shot as per her request.

A day for remembrance...

Finally, we reached the top, the 4 kids had long advanced us.

The fairies (except one) who worship the Big Buddha.

My mom and the fairies.

WY and I sat next to the fairies for a long catch up. It's great to know most of the old friends are doing good and living well all these years. In a way, we have done our part well and made contribution to the society. We are, have become the pillars of the day (cough cough).

While we were chatting, the kids were chasing one another round and round the Big Buddha. From time to time, they would run back for a short rest. I'm amazed to see this girl looks so much like her mom. Heard that she likes cooking too, sure got her mom's gene.
Soon, the time was 5pm. We got to descent before the sky turn real dark. The kids were still no way to be seen, so I got to walk around the Buddha to look for them.

Heard William's voice from far. Apparently, his voice came from here. So, I walked up the stair to catch him. However, my attention was distracted when I saw this room which I have never visited before though I have come here for many times. This is the place where they store some of Buddha's relic.

Also, some very old testament were stored there...While I spent time in looking at those papers, husband called to tell me that all of the children have back, but me. So, I got to leave the place quickly.

Walked down from the other side of the stairs, and saw this beautiful scene down there.

We said our prayer before leaving...

Please continue to give us your blessing. Thank you.

Yeap, time to go now...

Walking down is so much easier. Within a few minutes time, we touched the ground again.

The resting flags...

A passway to the temple.

Still the same well-maintained temple it is...

the other side of the temple.

My mom likes those pillars crafted with Chinese Dragons very much. She said they look so real...(like she have seen the real dragons before).

I waited here for the young one to go wee-wee...Without them, this place is so quiet and calm. Finally, all of them came back 10 minutes later. The sky had turned dark real fast, so we decided to go for dinner together then.

Just when we walked to here, WY found out her little girl's bag had gone missing. Within a few seconds, we reckoned that she must have left it somewhere near the toilet. So, both of them got to turn back to look for the bag. Well, things like this happen to every mom all the time.

While waiting for them to come back, the kids clinched onto the branches again.

Son thought he was so cool that he insisted I must take photo of him, in this position.

Son wanted to climb some more, but I stopped him. Dont' think that upper branches look that safe lo.

Out of a sudden, they ran away from the poor tree. Apparently, some one saw a dog came from no way and they were so happy to feed it with my organic biscuits that I brought to feed them instead.

Not too long later, a black dog joined in...

Not too long later, even a cow came to join the gang...Dog or cow, they all love my organic biscuits. What a scene!

We didn't take the cable car for descending. Instead, we took the bus ride which is a cheaper way.

Before the bus departed, the girls took out their iTouch and shared it with sons. The games they play on are very cute and faminine, totally unlike the boy's games, which are usually haywire and heroism. Anyway, girl's game or boy's game, they love it, as long as it's digital.

When we reached the bus terminal at Tung Chung, the time was nearly 7.30pm. Feeling tired and hungry, hubby and I don't think it's a good idea to take them far away to look for special foods. This would be too troublesome for them. So, we settled down at the food court in the mall, called Food Republic. WY told me Food Republic is originated from Singapore. Oh, now then I know.
We ordered some foods separately, and gobbled it fast. Then, we said good bye to one another. Hope to see this family again in the future. Take care, my friend.