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Monday, March 26, 2012

Repulse Bay

Finally, the midst that shrouded us for more than 6 weeks had gone, so does the super humid condition.

It's such a joy to see the sun shinning above our head again. Don't wanna waste the good weather, I put aside the baking business and ran outside to play again.

We have gone a bit far away this time, to the Repulse Bay beach which we haven't visited for several years, I think.

Glad to see the sand is still as clean as before.

The beach was not crowded, probably because the weather is still a bit chill for the girls to show off their bikini and for the boys to go down the water.

Facing the vast sea can always make me feel vast about everything too.

The life guard who has no one to safe guard but rowing.

The temperature was still quite cold that day, 14-16 C.

The luxurious condominium with super good fung-shi, facing mountain at the back and sea at the front.

This place is meant for the celebrities or the rich & famous only.

Anyway, luckily the public can still enjoy the good beach at here.

Sons who didn't touch the sand for such a long time were happy with the place.

They buried the Star-War figures in the sand for their imaginary play.

At 5.30pm, the life guard was all ready to go.

Man in action.

The sun was almost set by then.

Sons were still happy playing on their own. So, husband and I walked to the other side without dragging them along.

Admiring the super luxurious condominium.

I think those condo can easily cost more than HKD 200 million.

My brother said they look like the white houses in Greek Island.

Viewing the beach from the end of the bay.

The promenade in front of the condo.

Great view !

Me at that cold day.

Definitely not a good idea to let the kids got soak wet. I guess the mom knew it by then.

William was still digging sand happily when we got back to their side.

Vincent was more ready to go...

Yo, let's walked to the other end.

The beautiful sun set scene with Ocean Park as backdrop.

Awesome !

Looking backward from time to time...

and that's the beautiful sun set scene we saw.

The Tin-Hou Temple

I would say this is the most beautiful Tin-Hou temple in HK.

William didn't remember that he had came here before. Sure, he wasn't even 2 at that time.

Such a grown up now.

Were those big statues there before? I was not too sure about it lo.

Husband and his god mother.

Within a few minutes, the sun had all set.

A playground nearby.

Before driving home, we stopped by East Main Road in Shau-Kei-Wan for dinner. I get to know this place through a magazine. It seems that this street is getting famous with some eateries.

Husband said we should go to this shop for dessert after dinner. I totally agreed.

Actually the street is very short, not as long as I thought it should be.

Not too many eateries as I thought it is...

This Indian restaurant is highly recommended caused it is Michelin star-awarded.

We were lucky that we didn't need to wait for a long time to be seated.

The inside is nothing too special though...

They served us with this starter before our orders were delivered.

Sons love it.

The curry chicken is surprisingly very good.

The briyani fried rice is very nice, very authentic too.

I super like the Nan bread, it's best served with the curry sauce. What amazed us the most is its size, bigger than my face but cost only HK$ 18 !

So does this mango shake, super big size but cost only HK$ 30. End up, we only paid HK$ 230 for all the foods we have ordered. I would say this is a very reasonable price.

Everything seemed to go smooth that day, but later then I knew we had got a summon ticket for packing our car at road side like other cars did. Husband didn't tell me because he didn't want to spoil my mood. So, it was quite an expensive dinner we pay for that evening.