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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Around Sai Kung - Part II

Soon, we were brought back to the Sai Kung Pier safe and sound, at around 5.30 pm.

Feeling so free to watch the birds flying free above the sea level...Sometimes, I wish I can be a bird, so free up there.

The time was just right to show my friends the very unique and traditional way people do their seafood market here...

We are one among the people over there who watched the business go...

To buy a fish is very simple, just point at the fish that you are interested and checked the price. If everything meets your target, then put the money in the net that raise to you, and soon they will raise the fish to you by the net too. Cool !

The fishes inside each tray are very attractive.

eerie eels.

This is a very scary scene...I walked away as soon as I take this shot.
I remember when I was small, my mom used to ask me to hold the legs of the chicken so that it couldn't move vigorously when she cut off its throat. Watching the bird struggled and gradually faded away was a very terrifying experience to me. Perhaps of this reason, I have never cut a live fish on my own before, don't mention a bigger livestock. Anyway, I'm glad I don't have the courage to kill anything alive, and I don't want to do that either.

It was a busy day that day...

See Yoon and I were busy too, capturing the photos. So, we had lost of touch for quite some time.

I seldom buy seafood these years, so I'm not too sure for their price now a days. But I heard the price is cheaper if compared to the wet market.

Some cafe-bar along the promenade.

Met 2 handsome dogs on the street.

I think I have seen them before when we were here last time.

The time was getting late by then, but the potential buyers were still gathered there, so the party still on.

By then, I met with my friends again on this street. It's about time to take them to the nearby seafood restaurant for dinner. Her hubby said he wanted to buy us a dinner, so I think it's not nice to them to very 'cheap' restaurant lo (hehehe...)

Before leaving, we still checked this boat out...

William bugged me to buy a fish for him (the one at the bottom left corner). At first I banged it, said I don't know how to cook it for him. Later, I asked him to check with his grandmom to see if she was willing to cook it for him.

This fella took my words seriously. He went to look for his grandmom and coaxed her all the way so that I would buy that fish for him. I suggested him to buy it with his savings and he agreed too. He really wanted to buy that fish! The fish had cost him 100bucks, which I think is a very reasonable price.

Later, we carried the fish to a nearby restaurant and asked the chef to steam it for dinner to serve everyone while it still fresh.

Wonder if I would pick one of those sea shells if I stayed on the beach for whole day long?

The sun had almost disappeared from the horizon, got to go now.

Looking at the full moon, I think that day should be the chor-15 in lunar calender. Normally when one notice that, it's a sign of aging...

Ok, we were standing in front of one of the restaurants there. Tons of seafoods awaiting for the customers...shouted : Please, not me!

This lobster was trying to escape, too bad it wasn't going anywhere.

He is the God-of-death to them...

A giant tank for giant fishes.

Son seems to have special preferences over fishes.

See Yoon, you smile great in this photo...keep that mega watts smile !

It got a bigger head than I do.

Such a big mouth and thick lip it got. Some said this is sexy look, like Julia Roberts.

This puffer fish looks so joyful, like it was whistling. Cute.

Aliens from the sea.

While the man was eating the fish, the fish also imagine itself eating him...

One of the restaurants....

The lady God-of-Death.

Lawliew Prawns.

Abelone, as big as my palm.

Baby elephant-trunk clamp.

Scallop, best serve with garlic and vermicelli.

Kids normally get fascinated to see all those live sea creatures, right in front of them.

The quiet corner over there, compared to the busy scenario along the restaurant street.

The famous Seafood Street in Sai Kung.

Christmas was 1 week to go...And my friends, they are the Santa Claus to us, brought each of us the present all the way from Malaysia. Thank you pals.

Took my friends to this restaurant we have patronized for several times before. To us, the price and quality that they offered is quite ok. See Yoon, I hope you would feel the same too.

Husband served William the fish that he bought with 100bucks...

Lobster + yi-mee, my favorite dish of all. We all ate till very full, but couldn't finish it up. End up, we need to take away the remaining foods.
Thank you See Yoon and KT, for your generosity to buy us a sumpstous dinner. You and your whole family will be most welcome to our home at anytime, OK.