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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Present

I seldom blog about my birthday all these years. But this year, my friend SY would like to take a look of my birthday present, so here it is....

Present from husband. When we fly back to KL for CNY, I saw this watch from the inflight sales booklet. I casually show it to husband and said it looks nice. Then, on the way flying back to HK 10 days later, he bought it secretly for me. Very sweet of him !

The watch came with a necklace and pendant too. The stones are all from Swarovski crystal. I love it.

Sons are big enough to take part now. When they came back from school that afternoon, they were so busy to prepare their "present" for me. For this, they simply took whatever materials they can find from home. Looking at their serious facial expression while making this, I just felt so funny, yet warm.

Vincent is very creative, he even draw a map to show mw where he had hiden his present. So, I got to look for it myself. Although it's very clear that the present was hiden in my bedroom, still, it had taken me quite some time to find it.

Yeah, finally found Vincent's present somewhere in my closet.

William's present, his bracelet (given by Uncle Walter) + one of his sharpener.

Vincent's "present". He simply took the SK-II eye cream which I bought on that day.

I love you, guys.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visit SY's Place

The last stop before flying back to HK was to visit my old friend, SY's house. Her place located so near to the Sentral train station, that it serves a perfect stop over for us.
In order to save the travelling time, my friend is kind enough to prepare a steamboat dinner at home. SY, it's a wonderful dinner, especially your homemade chili+garlic+lemon sauce, very yummy.
The whole night, we adults chatted casually around the dining table, while the kids were playing happily with one another in a safe environment. Just a perfect night to us. Thank you my friend.

At 11pm something, they mood was still pretty high though we wanted them to go to sleep fast.

It's really not easy to take some good photos of them. After shooting for more than 30 photos, I would say these are the best.

These 2 little are the champion in a "freeze" competition.

That's the end of our CNY holiday.

Visit Sister's Place

Before flying back to HK, we stopped by KL for 1 short day. Though short, we managed to go to sister's place for a visit. Boy, I haven't gone to her place for such a long time already, probably over 4 years.

A photo with my sister and my niece & nephew.

Sister and I was chatting casually on the sofa, watching the boys playing their game over there.

Don't know why my nephew likes to pretend he is a Big Buddha?

Although very noisy, they are all sweet kids.

This niece is same age like Vincent, but she is way too mature if compare to him.

When I was about to leave her place at 6pm, I can't believe my eyes when I saw this....
I remember I made this artwork stitch by by stitch about 20 years ago, when I was waiting for the day to come to enter U. My my, it looks just the way it was, back it 20 years ago. Can't believe the color of the threads can last for so long....truly amazing.
Sister asked me if I would like to take it back to HK? I said I would rather it to be hang at her wall forever. Thanks sis.

Part of Childhood

Every year when we went back to home town for CNY holdiay, I told myself that I should take some time and go to visit my childhood's school. But I didn't make it happen though, for all sorts of reasons, or rather, excuses...
Finally, I made it happen this year. I brought hubby and sons together.

The school is still there alright, after >20 years since I left. I have a mixed feeling to see this main gate again, after all these years. Although primary section was closed, secondary section's door was widely opened for the visitors.

When I told sons that I want to take them to visit my school, they gave me some unbelievable look. It's like I was never be that young before. I think to them, I just look exactly like how I look right now, and there isn't any "Past" for me.

The library. I almost forgot it's called "Kutubkhnah" in Malay word.

This building looks just the way it was back in <20>

The classroom for my F1 study.

I looked inside, there isn't any tables or chairs in there anymore. Guess it has been used as some sort of activities room.

Oh, the door of the library, so old now. And I remember that small notice board on the wall. I forgot to go up stairs to take a look of my F3, F4 & F5 classroom after having some little distractions. Too bad.

Those little distractions include looking backwards....

and looking forwards....also, busy telling sons a little bit about my "Past".

Oh, this building is a new one. Looks like it is for administration purpose.

This corner is rather new to me....

except this greenery bushes. Glad to see those big rocks again.

Ok, there is a learning center at the other side of the new building.

This too, a new building.

This canteen wasn't there back in my time. We used to share a same canteen with the primary school section.

The steep long stair case which I used to climb up & down for several times a day.

The other part of the secondary school section. Yes, still look the same.

A glimpse of my F3, F4 & F5's classrooms.

The 2 badminton courts that I have spent many time here. I was crazy with badminton sports when I was in Remove class, F1 & F2.
In order to "book" the court, my crazy playmates and I would climb over the gate and fence after the tuition class over at 9pm something. It's simple to "book" the court, just put up the net over the court there. Strangely and truly, nobody would never, ever deny this kind of "booking". Our rules at that time, so so so simple.

I seldom stepped foot on this side though, cause these are the classrooms for "Pertanian" students, the so-called "bad student" in our times. How naive we were to have labeled other people in such a way.

I felt shocked to see the condition of the classroom though...everything is so old and broken from outside to inside, from top to bottom.

The wooden tables and chairs that we used had gone, replaced by the plastic tables and chairs instead...

but those tables and chairs, are all so old and broken too...

I looked at those so old, so dirty tables, and I couldn't help but felt so sad about the things I saw. Can any student, enjoy studying with this table and chair?

Can any teacher, enjoy teaching in this classroom?

I don't remember there is this steel gate served as the door for the classroom. Since when it has become a "prison"?

I walked along those classrooms....

and just felt sad-sad-sad to see its condition. I then understand we, as the ex-students, should have done something to our school like my dad used to do for his school too.
Dad had donated a huge amount to his school in his life time. So did many of his classmates too. It's no wonder dad's school (the private section) can be so well-maintained and best-developed if compared to SMJK section. I'm so proud of you, dad, for you did what I didn't do.

Anyhow, I'm glad to see this small garden. It wasn't there at my time.

Looking back to the memory lane in vain....

Seeing husband and sons are not so keen of my school, furthermore, it's darn hot out there. I suggested we should go then. So, going down this way will lead us back to where we came from just now.

The office for teachers....

I used to climb up and down this stair case for at least once a day too, cause tis is the way to the canteen located in primary school section.

The foyer. Met an Indian guide over there. He told me there were 20-30 ex-student like me who had came here and visited the school since the day before. Wow, wonder who they are and what's their story after leaving this school?

So long, my school.

Although the gated was closed, we walked down to the primary school section to take a quick look.

I looked up to those big colorful billboard. Most of them are information about the disease brought by mosquitoes.

I'm not a good-memory sort of person, but I still remember this place very well, and I also remember many incidences that took place over here.
And I certainly remember this volleyball court (cum basketball court). When I was in standard 6, I used to practice volleyball with my team mate here everyday, for the inter school competition. I was the captain of the school team.

The hall. Heard that my father's name will be crafted on one of the bricks inside there later, for he had made many donations to the school. I feel this is one of the good ways to remember him, forever. I will visit the hall when it is opened later.

Ok, time to go now.

Bye bye my school. Thank you very much for educating and nurturing me when I was young.