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Thursday, April 4, 2013

XiHu (西湖) - Part 2

Finally, we found our way to West Lake. 

The time was nearly 1 pm by then. Since we need to reach the airport at around 5.30 pm, we got to hurry up. 

Luckily the place is considered quite clean...

3 cosplay teenage girls...but very shy one. They didn't seem comfortable nor confidence with themselves.

Walking towards the lake side....

Red in the green, always eyes catching.

Very beautiful red.

Yes, finally we saw the lake.

The weather was very fine on that day, perfect to go for an outing or picnic.

Just that, too many people were there...Also, they are noisy type. Sigh...

It's very difficult to get a pleasant space like this, with no one stand within 1m (diameter) from you.

Some of the trees can have 3 different colors at the same time. For example, this tree has red and pink flowers.

One of the highlight is taking a boat to the small island, right in the middle of West Lake.

After we bought the tickets, we board on this boat.

Sailing away from the shore slowly. See the man an the left, he gave a smiling face when I shot the photos of the kids. That's very friendly of him, thank you.

By taking a boat, one can get to see the lake side in different perspective.

So romantic...

Fishes in the lake.

Some photos taken on the boat...

About 15 minutes later, we get off the boat at this pier. There are several piers on the island. I forgot which one it is.

This way leads to Three-Ponds-Mirroring-the Moon (三潭印月).

OMG, there are even more people crowded on this small island.

Luckily the view here is beautiful enough to worth a go...

So, here we were...walking in line like everyone did.

Shops at the center of the island, selling souvenir...

There is nothing too special that worth buying, so we didn't stay long here...that's what I thought.

So I just moved on...

and continued taking photos when I moved in the line with others.

After a while, I found that KS and the boys and my brother were out of my sight. So, I got to walk faster, hoping to catch up with them....

But the thing was, I couldn't see them at all after 3 minutes walking on this only bridge...

Then I realized I have got myself lost! I couldn't believe it.

The first thing I did was to dig out my hand phone from my back pack and called husband. But there was no connection after several tries. I called my brother's, but still, couldn't connect to him. I wasn't sure if there was because no signal on the island or what? So,I tried to remember what's the plan was...

I remembered my brother said this way will lead us to one of the piers, and we would take the boat from there that bring us back to the mainland. So, I just kept moving to look for the pier.

At the end of the bridge, I sense the troubles cause there are 3 different direction ahead me. Trying my luck, I followed the right path to the nearest pier. When I reached there, I didn't see my gang waiting for me. Such a bad luck.

I called & text husband and brother again, but to no avail. This time, I felt panic. I really have no idea how to reach them. Like a helpless lost child, I started to ask around for direction. But then, I realized this wasn't going to help, cause I didn't know which pier we were actually going to.

So, I got to find a way to connect to them first. Having no other choice, I asked a man if his mobile phone work out? He checked and told me there is no problem with his. Just when I was about to ask him to lend me his mobile phone, it strike me that perhaps I should re-start my mobile phone for a proper re-connection.

I turned off and turned on my mobile phone quickly...and re-dial. YES, this time, I heard husband's voice from the other side. Thank God, finally I found them, after getting myself lost for more than 20 minutes. It was such a big relief, trust me.

Apparently, I have separated from them right in the center of the island, near one of the shops. It was just me who thought there wasn't anything to do or to see that got me wrong. As expected, husband gave me a big lecture on this, that I shouldn't have taken photos in a crowded place like this. Well, he was right.

I asked the boys what would they do if it were them who get lost? William said the teacher told them that when they get lost, there are 2 ways they should do. One is to stand still and wait for the others to come to look for him / her. The other is to walk back the same path to look for the others.

Darn, even a 10 year-old kid knew what to do when he get lost. So shame of myself.

Luckily, they did the right thing. They stood still at where we have separated with each other, and waited for me to go back to look for them.

For the rest of the journey back to the mainland, I just followed them closely. No more photos taking....

It was until I boarded on the boat with them, then I dared to take out my camera again.

Ok, back to the mainland safely.

The time was nearly 3 pm by then. We got to go back to our hotel to take our luggage and go to the airport. 

Looking for the way out....

It's quite a view to see all those people cramping on the road. 

Seems like it was a good day for travelling, that everyone go to XiHu in the same day....

A tree with 3 different color flowers at the same time. 

HangZhou gondola...quite expensive to hire one. 

When we go back to the main road, we were fainted to see all so many people wanted to hire a taxi. For those who didn't want to wait, they pushed themselves up to the public bus. 

We have stopped several taxi, but when the driver get to know our destination which is not too far away from here. They refused us. 

End up, husband came up with a brilliant idea that he told the next driver who stopped for us, our destination is HangZhou Airport. It works. We finally got a taxi. In the car, we told the driver that we got to go to the hotel first to take our luggage, before going to the airport. For this, the driver didn't curse us. 

We said good bye to my brother after we checked out the hotel. He would stay for another night, then would go to Shanghai on the next day before he flew back to Singapore from there. 

The traffic wasn't as congested as we thought it was. So we arrived at the airport a bit too early. While waiting, we took the kids to KFC, and buy them the most delicious foods in HangZhou (quoted by William) for them.

Looking at their happy faces when eating those "rubbish" foods, I have no complaint though. After all, they have behaved well and patience enough throughout the whole journey, that they deserved it.