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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Day in Tsim Tsai Tsui

This morning, while I was walking on the street to meet husband and the boys for breakfast, my friend called. She asked if we would like to join her family to a fire station's open day. Well, she likes to give people surprises in once a blue moon. So, in order to foster her behaviour, I said why not? But she got to wait till we finished our breakfast. She said she would meet us there.

The time was nearly 10.30 am when we have done. Then, I went home to get my camera, pack some water, and then, look into the map for the fire station that she was talking here before we drove off.

At 11 am something, my friend called to check our location after waiting for like...more than 1.5 hour? Sorry. See, we were a bit distracted when we get to see some beautiful flowers along this main road.

Awesome, who won't be distracted, right?

At around noon time, finally we arrived at the Tsim-Tsai-Tsui Fire Station.

This was not the 1st time we visited a fire station. To be honest, we were not so thrilled to see those fire engines and the typical setting inside the station, especially when the place was so over crowded with people from all walks of life.

My friend must be very exhausted shoving in the crowds, dragging her 2 boys along. Just when we arrived the fire station, she called to tell they would go to visit a show house somewhere opposite this fire station. After we have done, they would meet us somewhere. Good too, otherwise, I'm worried the one lying there would be her (hehe...)

To be certain, I walked near to check it out anyway. Ok, for sure this is not my friend...

Heard we have missed a fabulous fire show, performed by the real fireman. Looking at the rope hanging from 15m above the ground, I could only imagine how's the run down was like.

By the time we came, all of the action was over. Instead, it was replaced by normal stage performance. The female MC is an actress, think her name is Juk-Man-Kuan, something like that.

Bollywood on stage.

That's the highest the ladder can reach. After this height, one can only depends on the rescue from a helicopter, or pray for the God's mercy. It's freaking anxious to imagine the fire break-out scenario though.

My hypothesis : majority of the visitors felt more thrill to see the real fire fighters than those heavy and bulky machines.

This Mr Fireman, his duty on that day was standing in front of his truck and taking photos with the civilians. So, it would be a humiliation if the civilians stay cool, right? Well, no worries, we are good civilian.

I used to hear many people said that fireman in HK are all handsome, macho man. Well, see it to believe it. How true, they are handsome and fit, from senior grade..

...to junior grade. In fact, I think they are very qualified to take part in the TVB's series if they quit this job one day.

Ok, back into the station to see the machines that would protect our lives and properties when we are in danger. Must show some respect here...

(1) fire trucks

(2) ambulance

(3) FS diving unit (hey, why so serious? talking about a secret terrorist attack?)

(4) propaganda mobil

Looking at those complicated out fit, it's no wonder I can never be good in this job.

But wait, is this a woman? What does it mean? A woman can fit in this job perfectly?

Me and the transformer...

Must save this logo...maybe it'll be useful for son's future school's project one day.

The only thing they are allowed to play over here...

Ok, time for a break, and tidy up.

The show was over, and the spectators all gone in no sign ...

Ok, time to go now.

After meeting up with my friend and her family, we headed to a food court for lunch straight away. They said they were dead hungry. Alright, we better be hurry then.

After some time warming up, they started to play like no body's business again.

After lunch, we moved to Kowloon Park for a walk. Feeling fresh cause we haven't been to this park for many years already.

I think HK people should go to Kowloon Park more often. Why? Because if we don't, this park will become Filipino maid / Indonesian maid's fun land. In fact, it has become their park already. They sing and dance here, picnic here, get-together here...gee, I really feel like we were travelling in Philippine / Indonesia.

Met a turtle, resting at the side of the fountain pool. As usual, how could they leave it alone.

The weird thing is, this turtle was not shy or afraid of them at all. It didn't swim away, nor hide its head for once. It just sat there, responsive to their touch and noise. Boy, this is the bravest turtle I have ever seen in my life !

Yeah, it truly is a Ninja Turtle...so brave that it's not afraid of the invasion of the "enermy". Finally, the turtle won. We left, and it still stay there like the king of this pool.

While the boys were playing with the turtles so happily, the men were talking about their big plan in money-making. As for the women, we gossiped. My friend show interest in my camera, so we played camera for a while...(this close-up is an exclusive photo).

Normally, I don't have the guts to post my close-up. But to be fair to her, I posted it anyway.

A good rememberance of a day we spent together.

See anything up in the sky? (answer : a white balloon)

The time was nearly 3 by then. We got to get going now. On the way out, we paid visit to the elegant flamigoes...Seriously, when will the government build us a zoo?

We said good-bye to our friends at here. Afterwards, we still need to go to the nearby ToyRus to buy Vincent's a birthday present.
Foot note :
Before he was 5, he bugged me to carry him all the time. But now when he is 6, I bug him to let me carry him instead. Weird, huh?

He promised I'll be the one he loves the most forever. I will remember this, son.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do I Look Like a Pizza ?

As usual, I checked youngest son's homework when he said he have completed it at school.
And it really tickle my nerves to see this worksheet, which he wrote in the absence of parental guidance. It's about "My Family"...

There are 4 members in my family. We live in Shatin, near a river. My dad works at the airroplane (aeroplane). He is Tall (tall), thin and big. He is active and good at sport. My daddy likes to eat and looks like a fish. My mom look like a pizza. She work at the bus. My mother eat fish all the time. and every time when I came back, my mother is playying (playing).
Ok, I'm not going to say anything that he'd written about his daddy here.

But I demand an explanation when he say "My mom look like a pizza". Gosh, which part of me looks like a pizza to him?? Son then said it's because the shape of my head looks like a pizza, like this....as shown in his drawing. Oh well, that's his problem. Who ask him to draw my head so much like a cut-pizza?



BTW, I also wanted to explain what he'd written about his mother here...

- She work at the bus.
(Son doesn't know the place I work at, so he simply wrote I work on bus)


- My mother eat fish all the time.

(That's because fish is the only meat I will cook at home)


- and every time when I came back, my mother is playying.

(Son, I was not playing. That's call working by the computer)



Anyway, I respect originality. So I will let son to submit this worksheet to his teacher by tomorrow, without any alternation. Hope his teacher won't think : what a weird dad and mom you have!