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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It's a break of routine for this CNY, cause we didn't go back to Malaysia as we did for the past 8 years. Instead, we had brought the parents-in-law to Perth to usher the new year. Now then, we all go back to our place and settle down gradually. Yet, still in the holiday mood....


Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 6 - Hillarys Boat Harbour

After parents-in-law had boarded on the plane flying to KL, we still have around 5 hours time before our departure back to HK. So, husband drove us to Hillarys Boat Harbour again.

It was around 5.30 pm by then, not that burning hot anymore.

Since opening in 1988, Hillarys Boat Harbour has been a premier recreational destination for Perth locals and visitors. In addition to boat pens, the harbour offers a wide range of restaurants, attractions, activities, shops and services catering to fishermen, boaters, beach goers, tourist and local residents.

There is a small theme park over there, but we didn't go cause we assumed the tickets won't be cheap. 

Since it was still quite hot strolling outside, we hopped in a restaurant and ordered their famous Fish-N-Chips. So, we have added heat to our body though, haha...

Frankly speaking, the fish was not especially good, but the prawn was very good.

After finished the delicious meal, we walked around the promenade to look for a shaded place to kill the remaining time we have. 

This is a nice place to look around with a good range of tourist shops, though a lot are pricey for my liking. Apart from the shops, there are many decent eateries along the promenade too. 

At around 6.30pm, the sun was almost set....

At around 7pm....

While the boys were playing over the beach, this is the place where husband and I was sitting on...

Saw another rainbow on that evening...so beautiful. 

Before the sky turn very dark, we left the beach.

Walking towards the eateries for dinner...

Good bye...

After dinner, husband drove back to Perth Airport. He dropped the rented car at the counter with not much hassles. So, here we are, waiting in the departure hall to fly back to Hong Kong. 

In summary, this is a good trip, would be better if the weather was not that darn hot. 

Day 6 - Caversham Wildlife Park

The last day in Perth, we had decided to go to Cavesham Wildlife Park. Knowing we would be roasted ourselves under the hot sun in an outdoor park, we think it's worth it. 

We slept until 8am, then went out for a simple breakfast. Oh yeah, it's nice to see this iHome docking system in the hotel room. I told the boys very happily that the LCD was manufactured by my company.

At around 11am, we arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Caversham Wildlife Park is owned and operated privately, by a WA family. They don't receive any Government assistance, it is solely supported by patrons who are visiting the park. Thus, the entry fees are quite expensive if compare to other zoo around the world. For us, 4 adults + 2 children, it cost us more than HK$ 800.

Luckily, all of the attractions are included in the entry fees, including all shows, talks, photo opportunities and animal foods. 

Caversham Wildlife Park showcases many of Australia's unique native animals, like koalas, wallabies, possums, Tasmanian devils and wombats.

We are pleased that we can take such a close-up photos with the Australia's icons, Koala.

Koalas spend 83% of their life time in dream land. In other words, they sleep nearly 20 hours per day. I have no idea why they need such a long hour sleeping?

Anyway, they are very cute animals. So, who cares if they are in a wake-state or sleep-state. 

The setting of Caversham Wildlife Park is very conventional. Most of the animals are kept in a very simple and basic enclosure.

Most of the area is not shaded and thus, I just felt excruciating hot to walk under 40C. 

No matter how we called it, it just won't show its face to us...sigh.

The day was too hot that made every animal in their off-state. 

The park also has a walk through 100% interactive kangaroo enclosure where we can spend all day with the kangaroos if you want to. We can feed and touch the kangaroos and taken many photos of them. 

This white kangaroo was in her sweet slumber land. So cute....

Those kangaroos are very friendly type, so it's not a problem at all to take some nice picture with them.

Furthermore, they won't bite. We felt it's even safer padding a kangaroo than padding a dog or a cat. 

Everyone take turn to take photos with the kangaroos....

After many encourages, finally parents-in-law walked near to the kangaroos and sort of padding them for a photo too. 

Although we wanted to leave, the kids asked to stay for a little bit longer....

They said they haven't fed some other kangaroos at the other side....

Although I couldn't stand the heat anymore, I agreed to stay for some more time, cause it's not everyday they can get to feed a kangaroo. 

Also, I feel glad that the kids are basically an animal lover.

Enough padding the kangaroos, we went on to the Molly's Farm for a live show.

The show is about whip-cracking, sheep-shearing, billy swinging etc. The show would be very interesting if not because the place was darn hot, like a boiling oven. 

This sheep is the lucky one, cause it can 'take-off' its wool jacket at last. 

It took around 15-20 min to sheer all the wools...by then, we all sweat profoundly.

Gosh, finally it's finish. 

I would die if I need to wear this thick wool in this hot season. 

The feeding time. Neither Vincent nor William was selected even though they raised up their hands very eagerly. 

Vincent was milking a cow for the 1st time in his life. Well, I haven't tried it myself for once though. 

The indoor where we can see and take pictures with the animals in close-up distance.

Even though the place got air conditioning, it's not powerful enough to cool down the place. It's still bloody hot inside. 

Anyway, when the keepers bring out those cute animals to meet the audience, made me felt that it's worth all the sweats. 

This wombat is every eyes catching. 

We are allowed to touch the animals as well. 

I wasn't as brave as the kids, not mention touching an eerie reptile like this one.

The bird with a heart-shape face, weird.

The side look of this bird is normal....

but its front look is very very weird 

Also, see this weird animal, it got a cat's body, but a mouse's face.

Finally, we lined up to take photos with wombat. 

Not bad. 

We left the park at around 3.30pm. Then husband drove his parents to the airport to catch 5pm's flight back to KL. From there, we said good bye to one another. And we hope they enjoyed this trip like we did.