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Friday, February 17, 2012

Family's Party

Taking the opportunity when most of the family members were there, we held a little party for Vincent 5 days before his 11th birthday.

My nephew, Jason like to follow us whenever we went back to my in-laws house. He simply love to play with my boys.

These 3 musketeers are 11, 10 & 9 respectively.

They can always find ways to entertain themselves, good.

Time to prepare for the little party by then. William is a good balloon-blower.

Jason too.

2 of the most beautiful flowers my father-in-law has planted.

I especially like this one, with a "bird" in the petals. Awesome !

Our party was set up at the garden outside. Although simple, it's nice.

Part of the foods we have prepared. Some were bought, some were homemade. The fried bee-hon topped with broccolli was cooked by me, the mushroom was cooked by my mom...

The birthday red egg was prepared by my mom-in-law.

All of the guests has arrived on time.

Vincent was very happy with the foods we have prepared. After all, it's not every month he can get to eat fried chicken, pizza, agar-agar dessert, 100-plus, etc...

When he enjoyed his food very much, he will just sit there and quietly eat them.

My sister's family.

My brother who has helped me a lot to prepare for the party. First, he collected the pre ordered cake for me, then he ordered the pizza and chicken wings for me as well. Without him, I have double works to do.

After eating, the kids were make believe star-war battling in the house.

It was all so noisy, really hell lose break.

The kids with their "light saber".

Me and the young warriors.

Wilson is a little bit too small to compete in the battle.

The girls are girls, they are not interested in playing wild. They rather read books at a side.

Jia-Wei is same age with Vincent, but she is way too mature if compare to him.

Jia-Yang, whom birthday is 1 day right after that day. If only I realized it earlier, I would have suggested a join-party for both Vincent and him.

I have ordered a 2-kg pandan layer cake for Vincent, which turn out to be too big. I should remember that 1-kg is enough next time.

We all sang the birthday song very loudly to the birthday boy. I looked right into his eyes, and I could see he was truly happy that night.

It's precious to gather both of the families in one occasion, though we came from the same hometown.

For the 1st time after so many years, the 4 of us had a sibling-gathering in CNY time. I really hope we can make this happen again next year.

2 big boys and 4 small boys.

Happy birthday to my darling son. I wish you growing up happily and healthily.


My Family's Memoir said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Vincent..
Lovely family gathering...

jessylee said...

Thanks Juju.

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