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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Most Valuable Coupons

Before sons going to sleep last night, I complained that there wasn't any Christmas pressie for me & their dad although we have worked so hard for the whole year. 

1 hour later, when I went to check them out before retiring myself, I found 2 pieces of paper lined up neatly on the floor outside the door. So I picked them up and saw this...Coupon for Mom & Coupon for Dad.

I turned the paper around, both husband and I chuckled to read what's the coupon was all about....

Apparently, William had committed below items to us :-

1. Free Car Wash x 5 times
2. Mop the Floor x 5 times
3. Wash the Window x 5 times
4. Fold the Clothes x 5 times
5. Wash the Dishes x 5 times
6. Buy House & Decorations x 4 times  (OMG !)

And it's very important that those coupons have NO DUE DATE !

Seriously, those are the most valuable coupons I have ever received in my entire life. I shall plan carefully when I should use them up, haha...

Now then I have a problem : Where should I keep it? I don't have a safety box or what.


My Family's Memoir said...

ooo.. so sweet of them. Both you and yr hubby must be extremely proud of your boys.

Jessy Lee said...

if they really can buy us a house when they grow up later, I will be super proud of them lah, haha.....

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