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Sunday, March 31, 2013

TunXi Old Street (屯溪老街)

The time was nearly 6.30 pm when we went back to HuangShan town area. Since it's still a bit early to go for dinner, our lady driver had suggested us to go to a famous tea shop to try out their tea products.

She said there is no entry charge for all of us, plus she emphasized that it's totally ok if we won't buy anything from the shop after the visitation, so why not?

The visitation turned out to be quite ok cause they have PR to handle each visitor. The PR had given us a brief introduction about the history of tea plantation in the region, and of cause, a free session to sip various tea sold in the shop.  

We are not particularly like Chinese tea (green tea), so end up we bought 2 packets of chrysanthemum tea, which we felt taste better than the green tea.

After this, we asked the lady driver to drive us to the nearby TunXi old street.

She dropped us at this main street and recommended a few restaurants to us.Then we set her free...

We were quite exhausted by then, so we decided to go to this restaurant which is closest to us.

We were seated in the upper floor, near a window. Perfect...

The boys still look ok, but husband couldn't open his eyes wide anymore, haha...

We ordered some local dishes quickly, then didn't want to move anymore. Gosh, really tired.

Anyway, we were pleased with the interior design of this restaurant, very nostalgic. We felt like we were back in the ancient time.

Too bad there wasn't any mo-lam-ko-sau there to show off their martial arts.

We have waited for around 20 min for our order foods....anyway we didn't mind cause we were not in the hurry anymore. 

Hairy toufu. We love it.

Fried Char-Shu-Ku

Steamed fish

Fried kar-ku-choi

The bill came with around RMB 250, no wonder the lady driver said it's getting very expensive to dine outside around HuangShan area now. 

After dinner, we strolled around the old street. 

To us, there is nothing we wanted to buy home. So, it's really just a walk after dinner. 

Even though there isn't anything we wanted to buy, it's still nice to walk on this old street. After all, we can only see this kind of old street in a movie.

Looking at this lazy dog, I felt like wanted to sleep too.

We halted a taxi and asked the driver to take us back to the hotel. I checked my watch, the time was nearly 9pm by then. 

Just when we get off the taxi, my brother found out his camera had dropped in the taxi. We then tried to chase the taxi immediately, but it's too late. His car had gone no where to be seen. The hotel manager had checked his CCTV, but couldn't see the taxi's plate number, nor the taxi's company name. So, there's really no glue how to contact the driver. End up, we left my China's mobile number to the hotel manager, asked him to give me a call in case the taxi driver returned the camera to us. 

It's truly a mishap, I would say. Imagine it's me who lost the camera, I would most probably throw a very big tantrum over it. See, the most unfortunate thing was not losing the camera itself, but the previous pictures that was stored inside it.

My brother stay cool, though I knew he felt awful about it. Sigh, there was nothing we could do but hope for miracle...but that miracle never happen. 


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