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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captain's Words


On our last day, after checking out from our hotel at Wurzburg, we drive straight to the airport. In foreign countries, unfortunately, "Straight" is a formidable challenge. Driving in Austria and Germany or any countries is an experience on its own. You really need to be, first of all, well prepared and then open up your eyes and the rest of your senses to the maximum so that you would be able to deal with any event immediately. If not, "straight" will become an illusion.

Finally, after 10 days, we are back at the Frankfurt Airport... waiting for our flight. One common question in the aftermaths of an adventure is....... "how do you feel?" or rather "do you feel sad because it is the end of the trip?" My answer would be "NO", actually I felt relief and relax. There are 2 reason. First, there are so many obstacles and challenges that we need to overcome (eg, kids get sick, bad whether, got lost, accident on the road), and I must say that this trip is 90% smooth which is ... a relief.

My aim for this trip is for an experience that will forever become part of our life ... an adventure in the our occasionally boring and stressful world........ a perspective that will later affect our being... and most importantly, I want to see smiles and happiness on my wife and my kids..and I have seen it. For that, I am contented and happy even at the end of the trip.

The end of a journey is only the beginning of bigger ones to come. Where will we be going next year???


The above was not written by me...
Captain had promised to write the closing of the trip for me.


I waited, 1 month had passed...2 month had passed...3 month had passed, but nothing happened. End up, I gave up. Then this afternoon, suddenly he called me, asked me the way to log in to finish up his unfinished business. So, today, I gonna to check if the sun had gone down at the east.
Lastly, I'm glad he put our happiness at the top priority. For this, thank you.


CY said...

Hi KS. First time u writing woh! It was nice watching u guys travelling here and there and really, will pay u guys a visit if we visit HK next time, OK?

jessylee said...

Thanks CY.
Do visit us when you drop by HK next time.

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