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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Maidless-Anniversary

Once upon a time, my elder son came back from school, brought home a piece of worksheet that he had done in the classroom. The worksheet was about " what does your mom do at home? "

There were several pictures, depicting what a mom would normally does at home, like...sweeping the floor, cleaning the window, washing the plates, laundering, cooking, ironing the clothes, taking kid to-and-fro school, reading story books to kid. All a student needed to do was just to put a tick in the box below the pictures, to show what their mom does at home, ok.

Naturally, my son who was honest enough won't know how to take care of his mom's face. Out of so many boxes, he only tick one of it (let me count, 1 out of 7, how pathetic). When I saw my score, I was disturbed.

Well then, one fine day, my newly hired ex-maid ran away from home. And God know, just at that particular critical time, I have the chance to work from home. So, that's it. I thought instead of hiring another full time maid, might as well I tried to run my family, right? After all, I believe things happen for a reason.

It was a bit messy at the beginning, always hesitated whether to hire another maid when things get a bit out of control. But I hang on...1 month pass, 2 months pass, slowly we survive without the help of a full time maid at home.

Yes, it's 1 year by now. Even my younger son had entered P1 to the same school this year. I have confident that he would tick all the boxes when that worksheet would ever be given to him again. But 2 months had passed, I still haven't seen that worksheet yet. Could it be this survey had been cancelled off because it aroused some sort of "anxiety" amongst the working mom in the past? Well, whatever, doesn't really matter to me.
I just want to remember this month as the 1st anniversary of our fresh life.


Fionne Chong said...

Life without a maid for a working mum huh.. I could imagine how not easy to cope with it. Happy anniversary Jess :))

jessylee said...

Thanks Fionne.

It isn't too difficult, as long as the school won't be shut down suddenly due to flu-outbreak. Haha...

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