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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My New Warm Bag

It was very cold since last Tuesday, when the temperature dropped to 10-13 C.
Besides wrapping myself thick, I like to hold something warm in arms especially when watching the TV. To serve the purpose, I have 2 warm bags that I've used for many years.

No#1 warm bag. As his size is getting bigger from S-to-L-to-XL, his role was gradually replaced by No#2 warm bag.

No#2 warm bag has fit his role for many years, but his size is also getting bigger from S-to-L inevitably as time pass.
Furthermore, when both no#1 and no#2 warm bag sit on my laps, they made my legs numb besides blocking my eyes on the TV. Sad to say, they are no longer fit their role perfectly now.

Besides the matter of size, no#1 and no#2 warm bag are not always available when I need them. So, husband came out a brilliant idea...he bought me a no#3 warm bag instead.

I suppose no#3 warm bag poses no size-problem here, also it will be there for me whenever I need it. Just that, I need to keep an eye on no#3 warm bag before no#1 & no#2 warm bag destroy it.


Fionne Chong said...

Hmm... good solution!! I heard the weather at China is really freezing nowadays with winter approaching earlier than before right... take good care ya...

jessylee said...

Yeah, cold days came earlier this year.

But it's not too cold these days, around 18-22C.
Just nice !!

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