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Friday, November 13, 2009

Tai Mo Shan

Finally, the weather has become cooler.
With temperature fluctuated between 21-25 C these days, it's perfect timing to go for outdoor activities, for example, hiking. There are so many good places for hiking, you will see. As a warm up, we picked Tai Mo Shan this time.

When I checked the past record, I find out the last time we went to Tai Mo Shan is Oct-2005. Boy, I didn't aware we haven't been there for 4 years already. Looking back the pictures in the old blog, William was still so small at that time. How time does fly !

This house is still abandoned there like nobody business. Emm, how come nobody had ever thought of turning it into a...for example "ghost house"?

I have lost my sense of direction standing up here. Without the hint of a landmark, I won't know what the place is. Husband said down there should be Yuen-Long area. He maybe wrong, but I won't know.


Yes, I know that place. It is Tsin-Ma Bridge, heading to Lantau Island ! (even my sons know about that, hehe...)


In winter time, day is shorter. The sun will almost set at 4.40 pm

*Yeah, you still remember it, right? When the wind blows, you can smell the bull-shit everywhere around this area.


This time, we would go higher from this point. Hopefully, to the peak.

That's the peak. The boys were thrilled to see that observatory dome. They relate it to some sort of space ship.

Well, don't be fool, we don't need to climb like that to reach the peak. In fact, there is a well maintained tar road down from the foothill up to the peak. We just need to follow that road that will lead us to our final destination.
Oh, those curves at my back remind me of the stock market's lines....

The sky was getting increasingly dark by then. I checked my watch, and it's 5.20 pm.

5.40pm. I stopped many times to admire the beautiful sunset view.

Don't know why, the little one kept challenge the slope. In outing, he is usually the one who stray from a normal path.

Where is that place? Husband said across the ocean there is the mainland China. (Is it??)

Let me try, that place should be the area around Kwai-Chung Harbour.

Son said : Crazy, who plant the flower at his hole?

I've checked my watch again. By that time, we have been walking for more than 45 minutes already, but the space ship was still a long way up there. It's hard to judge how far it is and how long do we still need to walk.

Actually we wanted to turn back at this point, but the boys insist to go up there because they thought they can enter the dome. So, we decided to walk faster and see if we could reach there before the sky get real dark.

The color of the sunset changed from pale-yellowish to bright-orange. Awesome !!

Another 15 min passed. Didn't know how many turns we have made, but the dome is still up there, seems unreachable. It's quite tempted to just walk up the slope to reach the peak. However, we gave up the idea very fast because safety come first.

We groaned that we should have gone to this place at least 30 min earlier...only if we came earlier, we have enough time to walk up without pressure...

Here is an example of "go-higher-and-look-better" ...The hill in front has blocked part of the land.

Almost a full view....

A full view.

The famous peak, Lion Rock.

That should be Tai-Po area, at the east.

Within a few minutes time, the sun had disappeared from the horizon.

Another 180 degree turn. Boy, how many turns are still ahead of us?

We wanted to turn back, but they against the idea again. So, we continued some more.

As the sky were getting dark, some people became very nervous and they decided to descend by taking the short cut.

Finally, we got to stop here, though I think we only need to walk for another 15 min or so. In order to make the boys descending, we just input them with some scary scenes when the sky turn very dark, and it works.

On the way going down...

A whole view of Lantau Island.

All the lights down there were twinkling like a diamond. It's so so beautiful.
Looking at those beautiful scenes, we changed our mind. We think we came here at just the right time. Should we came here earlier, we would have certainly missed the chance to see this spectacular night view. Sometimes we'll never know what we are going to get until the last minute, and thing is not always as good or as bad as we thought it will be.

I've got muscles ache for a few days after this 1hr40min hiking, only at today (1 week had passed), I feel better. Sigh, age is really catching up.


Fionne Chong said...

Hiking on tar road seems not so messy, KL never have one like that for me to go :( HK is really famous for its spectacular night view, even not in its full darkness, I could imagine how beautiful it is from your pix here now. But how come day view is quite misty huh...because of winter time? So, Tai Mo Shan meaning misty hill?

jessylee said...

Yeah, that day was quite cloudy. Therefore, the view was misty.

It's not always cloudy and misty in winter time. Instead, most of the time, we can see blue-sky-white-cloud.

jessylee said...

"Mo" = Hat (not Mist)
Direct translate should be "Big Hat Hill".

Before that, I thought "Mo" = Mist too, just like you.

CY said...

Great sunset view MY. Night view in HK always so spectacular.

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