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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year Walk

Finally, father has been discharged from the hospital.
We all felt relieved a bit. Yeah, life goes on.

On the 1st day of 2010, after lazing at home for the whole morning, husband said we should go to the Victoria Peak for a walk. Yeah, why not? After all, we haven't been to the peak for a long time.

Within 30 minutes time, we were there from home. Super fast !

There isn't any big changes up there on the peak, except this tram (commute between the peak and foothill) was put there for exhibition.

This tram serve no other purpose but providing a place for the tourists to snap some photos.

Other than that, everything seems just the way they are as I remember.

This British style restaurant too, still the same. We didn't linger in the center of the peak for long, instead, we went for a trail that we have never been before.

The Peak Trail (off Lugard Road and Harlech Road) is a circular track, so we can enter from either side of the roads that is located nearby the Peak Tower. The walking distance is 2.8km, we should be able to complete it in an hour time.

The Peak Tower Viewing Deck.

This nature walk is easy, the road is well paved and has many trees planted alongside.

It also offers stunning views of the Southern, Western and Central Districts.

"Hey, walk faster. We got to be faster than that doggie..."

How pathetic, they were competing with this little dog.

At the beginning of the trail, a canopy of lush subtropical forest obscures the view of the city, but the trees soon give way to to low scrub on the right hand side of the trail, revealing the city spread out below.

The side gate of one of the luxury peak residences.

They saw something here...

But seriously, I didn't see anything that is interesting...Yo, let's go.

Spectacular views of the city and its harbours.

Can see the HK Convention & Exhibition Center, located in Wan Chai.

The famous IFC, the tallest building thus far in HK.

The roof top of some residential building. Well, nothing so spectacular about it.

Too misty the backdrop...

We continued the circular walk.

This time, we've got a better view as backdrop.

Ok, back to the jungle-walk again.

Well, he looks like...

...the berries & its leaves.

We were amazed to see this giant tree from far.

This giant tree is called India-rubber Tree.

Yeah, feel it, and it will bring you luck. Said I.

Playground#1 along the way...

They pretended they are 'gung-fu master'.

Son was showing off here, at playground#2 ...(that 2 kids look so defeated)

Yeah, piece of cake.

What? another playground (#3). Why so many?

By then, I'm sure that doggie had reached the finish-point already.

A waterfall with no-water-falling.

Less than 1% of the HK population are staying high up there.

We walked

Ok, finally we walked back to the finish-point, also back to the starting point.

We took a break at the MD restaurant, overlooking one of the peak's luxury condominiums over there (Well, me only. The boys were looking at the playground downstair.)

Feeling curious...but too bad there isn't any open house to visit.



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