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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Travel Alone...

Finally, this is the day I will fly to London, and start my 2-week business trip, cross country Europe.

To be honest, I feel freaking scare when the time is counting down now. I had to remind myself constantly not to worry too much, that everything should be ok as I had done enough homework.

But, my first worries came true in this morning, just when I was taking breakfast with family at KFC restaurant. The secretary called, told me British Airways had cancelled my flight from London to Frankfurt as one of the consequences of crew-strike. Later, she called again, gave me a few options that I need to make quick decision within 1 hour time. Gosh, it was all so messy.

After discussing with boss and husband, finally we manage to settle down and I hope, will least affect my following itinerary to other places. I keep my finger cross at here...

Those 30-pages-thick information sheets contain my e-tickets, hotel reservation sheet, train schedule, bus schedule, metro map, google map at various places. I'm so grateful to husband who is my trip manager. He worked several nights to get me those information from the internet. Without his help, I would most probably panic at the time when I had to cancel the Turkey trip and fly to Germany and Spain instead (due to the recent 6-magnitude earthquake, occurence in Turkey).

That's my burden. A medium size luggage bag and a back pack which I will put my laptop and camera in.
Ok, all set to go now. Good luck to myself.



Gargles said...

Good luck, my friend! Don't worry, drink in the sceneries and the experience. Everybody here are so envious of your position and opportunities! In the meantime, do take good care of yourself.

jessylee said...

Thanks Gargles, your words are very comforting.
I'm dead tired now, just came back from walking around London city.

Want to sleep early tonight.Tomorrow will be a hard day. Talk later

CY said...

Wow..lucky you as Gargles said. Nobody can get any better than that. Have a great time in London and take care. Put up some good pics ok? Been almost 20 years since I visited London.

jessylee said...

Sure I will, I have some nice picture to put up.
But no time to do it now, wait ah...

Fionne Chong said...

Friend, nearly lost track with you since our last meeting during CNY. Wow... London huh, but I could imagine the feeling of traveling alone and away from home. No worries, will pray for you. Have a safe journey.

jessylee said...

Thx Fionne.
The trip almost goes to its end now.

And I feel that my 'tam-leung' had become bigger too (hehe...) It's indeed a good experience in life.

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