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Friday, February 19, 2010


Having nothing to do in one evening, we took the restless boys to a nearby shop for prawning. They jumped and shouted hurray when we told them this decision. Ha, kids...

The baits, sea worm, cost RM 5 / bowl. I got goose bumps when I saw them. No way I'm going to touch it now or ever. Husband didn't have the guts to touch them too. So, what to do?

Luckily we brought a fishing expert along - the grandpa. Otherwise, we couldn't even get started.

The owner told us the prawns like to stick at the corner or near wall area. No wonder everyone was putting their rod near the wall side.

15 minutes later, the fishing expert got the 1st catch. Another 10 minutes, he got another one. During the 1 hr duration time, grandpa had caught 4 prawns.

We then put the prawns into the net. From time to time, son would check if the prawns have escaped.

Son's want-to-touch-but-scare look.

Oh, I've just noticed Vincent was playing with the eerie worm (from this picture). He has no fear with small animals, can be the bravest among us.

Husband didn't get anything, how frustrated !

Anyway, prawning is fun, especially after I have got my 1st catch myself too. Actually, I have got another 2 prawns stuck on the hook, but they managed to free themselves before I pull them over.

This is the one I've got after sitting there for 40 minutes. How excited !

The one and the only one prawn I've got.

Hey, I haven't seen you guys hugging each other for years. What's up?


When the time was due (RM 12.5 for 1 hr), we brought home 5 prawns. After reached home that night, I've done something I didn't do for many years, I killed the live prawns and cooked them. The feeling was not good, don't think I will want to do it next time.


Fionne Chong said...

wow... so you went for the prawning, at least you guys have tried it out, something fun I guess :)

jessylee said...

yeah, it's fun.

But only when you can get at least 1 prawn before times up.

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