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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bella Suite

I heard the suites in Venetian Macau Resort Hotel are really good. From the pictures I saw form its website, I think so too.
Anyway, I better see it to beliver it, cause the pictures may fool, right.

We were given a suite in the south wing...at the 25th floor

Alright, that's the suite we would stay in for 3D2N.

When we first opened the door and saw the interior, we were like "jaw drop". Really, no kidding, the suite is very very good. In fact, the best I have seen thus far. Living in it, I feel like I'm a queen already.

The overall beauty of this place is made up of the beauty from every detail...from ceiling to floor, from everything.

The TV set in front of the beds.

The living room, very homely feel.

This place is more beautiful than the picture can capture.

Another TV set in the living room.

The washroom, I love it. It's my dream washroom.

I won't mind to spend a long time in a washroom like this...

And if I have this at home, I will do my grooming seriously. What an excuse, haha...

At night time, the lighting is just right to provide a warm and soothing environment.

There are many free channels running for 24 hours. The boys could have sat there and watched TV for the whole night if we didn't stop them.

This nice sofa can be transformed into a comfortable queen size sofa bed too. Therefore, this suite can fit in 6 person without a problem.

Our folks and kids would sleep on the beds over there, while husband and I would settle on the sofa bed. Everyone was happy with this arrangement.

A very classic working table, conveniently line up with fax machine & high speed internet. Too bad the internet connection is not FOC. That's my only complaint about the hotel.


Ok, my rating for this Venetian suite : AAA

If the internet connection is free of charge, then I would have rated it AAA+






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