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Monday, May 24, 2010

Inside the Venetian Macau

Things inside Venetian Macau...

The reception area, this area is normally packed with tourist who is not necessary the guests of the hotel, but simply just want to take photos. So, I guess I can only get this photo at midnight time.

All I can see at the reception area is gold color...other colors are so negligible.

The artificial sky had confused certain young kids (the dump one) when they first enter the plaza and saw this sky. For example, my kids.
Sunny or cloudy, day time or night time, this place looks just the same all day long.
Food court in day time....

Food court in midnight time....


I can only tell the time difference by looking at the number of people who is present at the place....

So, I guess our future's world would most probably look like this, especially when the world outside there is no longer suitable for human living.

There are 4 canals in the resort...more or less look the same.


Gondola ride is available in all the 4 canals too.

Shops along side the canals...

There are around 300 shops here...another shopping paradise for the tourists.

one of the cafe along the canal.

another cafe along the canal...

Husband and I had spent some relaxing time in this cafe, away from the kids. Actually, the purpose we entered this cafe is to claim for the complimentary drinks which were included in our package. The fruit punch is good !

Another attractiveness of Venetian Macau is ZAİA show, that highlights dance, movement and aerial acrobatics, soaring to the farthest reaches of space and human beauty.

ZAIA show is presented in one of the most impressive theatres ever created by Cirque du Soleil, simply a great show not to be missed.
Due to budget issue, we didn't go this time, but I "swear" I will walk in next time.

The open area lead to Casino. Of course, children are not allowed to cross this area. So, we got to ditch the kids and put them in Qube, which is truly a win-win solution.

Bar inside the casino.

The slotting machine...I think there are over 1000 machine there.

We and the folks went to Casino from 5-7 pm, for the consecutive 2 days. Husband and I got no luck, but our folks did. They won enough points to redeem for 2 ferry tickets (worth around HKD 300), with just HKD 20 bucks. Amazing !!
No wonder they played until they had missed to show up at dinner time. We almost wanted to report to the police that night when we failed to find them high and low for nearly 2 hours. Since they won, we didn't nag them, hehe...

This is a very big casino, too big that I feel dizzy walking inside it...Also, I feel that one would find it hard to keep a straight mind after soaking in it a long time. So, before I lost my mind, I better get out from there fast.


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Did you have to pay for all 6 of you? or you only need to pay for the Bella suite itself? Thanks! :)

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