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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

YehLiu Geopark

The next day, we hired a private taxi driver to chauffeur us to northern part of Taiwan for whole day. We think this would be the most convenient & comfortable way for the elderly.

The taxi driver came to pick us from the hotel at around 9am. Then we headed straight to north coast, Keelung region. After 1 hour plus, we arrived at our 1st destination.

After 10-year plus had passed, this was the 2nd re-visitation to Yehliu Geopark for husband & I. This time, we re-visit the place with our sons & parents, how time does fly...

The gang...

The Camel rock, it also looks like the figure of a snail.

Yo, let's go...

Soon entered the park, sons were attracted by the pot holes lined along the shore. There are nothing too special inside the holes except the frog's eggs.

Still the same YehLiu Geopark that I remember...

except that there are too many tourists visiting this place compared to last time, and 90% of them are from mainland China.

After 15 min walking, the parents wanted to take short break already.

The tourists never break in the line and thus, it's hard to get pictures without any strangers clogging my view finder.

So like a layer cake to me...yummy.

Well, just got to accept the fact as it is...

The Geopark can be divided into 3 areas. The first contains mushroom rock & ginger rock, as well as cleavage, pothole & melting erosion panel. On top of that, the famous candle shaped rock & the ice cream rock can be seen in this area too.

Situated in the midst of mushroom rocks...

This park is also famous for the ginger-rocks everywhere along the shore.

Ginger here...

ginger there....ginger everywhere.....

There is also honeycomb rocks around, that had prompted me to think of ginger-honey drinks.

Another famous are those sea-candle rocks (燭台石).

What a formation, they really looks so much like candles...

like a voyage on Mars...they were actually walking across the Melting Erosion Panel.

Son posed in front of the sea-candles, I like it.

He's too.

Ooops, that mushroom head had fallen down...

One thing I dislike the most about tourist group from China...their tour guide simply used a loud speaker in narrating. The noise pollution that they have created is very irritating indeed.

Everywhere are tourists...

If they were allowed to go into the water, I think the place will be packed too...

Soon when husband walked to that point, he was waved back by the guard. He kept complaining after the "shoo".

The potholes that sons like a lot.

That rock looks so peculiar.

This too.

Such a distinctive feature of the cape with hoodoo stones dot its surface.

Only the mother of nature can create this.

The second area is similar to the first area, where the mushroom rock & the ginger rock are the main focuses, only they are fewer in numbers.

The famous rock in this area is the Queen's Head, Dragon's Head rock, etc. Gosh, people need to queue up in order to take a picture with the Queen's Head. No way we gonna line up like this just to take a picture with a rock. So, we simply walked pass the Queen.

Statue of Mr. T.J. Lin.

Son was standing on the Speed Testing Stand.

We skipped the second area and walked slowly towards the third area.

The third area is the wave-cut platform, several rocks of grotesque shapes and sizes that are incarnated as a result of sea erosion can be seen in this area, including the 24-filial piety hill, pearl rock and Marine Bird Rock. The third area also includes the major ecology reserve of Yehliu Geopark in addition to the said rock landscapes.

Another peculiar rock formation at the sea shore.
A giant bird-like rock is situated near the entrance of wave-cut platform while its formation is due to the impact of weathering.

It is said that a Netherland-owned sailboat was shipwrecked on the offshore sea of Yeahliu and floated to the front area of Lover’s Cave. None of the crew in the ship survived, yet a little bird was standing on a rock and kept whimpering for help until it died. As a result, the rock was named after Marine Bird (Bird of Sailing) in memory of the little bird.

From here, we walked back to the second area...

One of the pedestrian bridges...

Another pedestrian bridge..

Mazu Cave.

The second area is near the coast, rocks that developed into 4 different kinds of formation can be seen, such as elephant rock, fairy's shoe, earth rock & peanut rock. The aforementioned are parts of the layers featuring special shapes as a result of being corroded by sea water.

The peanut rock.

The most well-known is the "The Queen's Head" (女王頭), an iconic image in Taiwan and an unofficial emblem for the town of Wanli. As time pass, the neck of the Queen's head is getting increasingly thin that no one is allowed to walk near to her now a days.

The other side of the Queen's head.

The Arch Rock.


Me and Queen's Rock (1997)

Me and one of the mushroom rocks (1997)


My Family's Memoir said...

I am envy of you, can you tell me where else in the world you n your family haven't visited ? :)
Great pictures!!

jessylee said...

Oh, I can tell you at least 50-100 places we want to go but still haven't yet. Just hope we have enough time + money + good health to go there one day.

Thanks for liking my photos. Actually, it's the places that are so beautiful, I just take them home for granted, haha..

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