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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Members

Here, I want to welcome those new "members" that had moved to our house since last year. I think they will probably stay in our place for quite some time...


My Family's Memoir said...

I love the clock hanging on the wall. Bought them from your last trip ?

Gargles said...

Wow! They all look pretty! My favorites would be the hanging clock and the 3 angels.

jessylee said...

Oh, the 3 of us like the same thing (hanging clock), really, genius think the same, haha..

JJ, I bought that hanging clock from a shop in HK. They said it came from Korea, if I'm not mistaken.

SY, those 3 angels are from Italy. They are actually wood-craft.

cy said...

Hi My. Wow, finally, you have move to your new place, good for you. We are planning to go to HK for holiday during April, any recommendation where to stay in a reasonable hotel? Thanks. CY

jessylee said...

Hi CY, Happy New Year.
BTW, couldn't log in your blog for a long time, have you shut it down?

Please check below links for hotel in HK :-

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