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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exciting Moment

This is what total excitement means to me....After a long awaiting 2.5 months, finally this is it !!

At this point of time, I won't said everything is 100% perfection, but at least it's not too far from our expectation.

Overall speaking, I think we have made more right decisions than wrong decisions.

There are too many details involved before things turn out the way it is now...

As the construction part is generally good, we pray the furniture part won't fail us.

Our bedroom...

Kid's room...

The main doorway...

Husband's choice...Although this electronic lock system is more expensive than the traditional one, he thinks it's worth it, cause he doesn't need to carry key with him anymore.

The shoes cabinet...

The kitchen...yet to be completed.

Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day, cause we will get to see the furniture in real apart from the drawings. I keep my fingers crossed....
Just can't wait to move in !


Gargles said...

looks absolutely fabulous! love the door lock! love the full opening balcony door! love the kitchen! gosh, love everything about it! i'm sure when it's fully ready with furniture, it'll be awesome! so happy for you!

(i want to move in too!)

jessylee said...

Thanks for your compliments, Gargles.
Will show you the pix when everything is done later.

Fishman said...

Very nice!! I want to move in with SY too!

My Family's Memoir said...

Nice flooring. Can I know what type of wood is that ?
I like the door lock too :)

jessylee said...

Fishman, don't think u can stand with my 2 monkeys if you move in lo ^.^

jessylee said...

Juju, I love my wood flooring too.
It looks so elegant to me.

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