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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting Ready to Move

After several days living without internet connection at our new home, finally it's been restored on last evening...So, I'm back.
I hate to say part of the furniture screwed up and jeopardized our moving-plan. About 30% of the furniture couldn't be fit to their place due to measurement error. After some reworks done on the spot for 2 consecutive days, they did slot them in somehow (amazingly), but with visible small damages here and there.
Although we are not asking for 100% perfection, any less than 80% is not acceptable. After many consideration, husband and I had decided to fully reject those parts which don't meet the standard. The furniture design company had no choice but to come to detach those rejected parts and return them to factory for repairing. We still don't know when they are going to replace the parts to us though we have been chasing after them in daily basis. Will see...
Anyway, these are just the bumps that didn't make moving-in impossible. Although 1-day in delay, the house cleaning and debugs carried on as per normal, and we moved in the new house officially on 3-Apr.

We are not superstitious people, but husband did invite his colleague, Walter who is a monk-to-be, came to our house on Sunday morning to do some rituals and chanting in the house before the stuffs were moved in.

I think it would be nice to take some photos of the house when it's still very new and very clean...

Kitchen would be my territory...Some of the things still need a little bit touch up for completion.

I will make that steamer-oven a built-in type later on, I think it will look nicer in this way.

The laundry area.

The store room.

The living area with the absence of sofa and dining table, spacious enough to us.

A special corner originally designed for everyone, but I think the kids will make it their own very fast.

This low cabinet, shall become the toy's and book's cabinet for the boys very soon too.

There should be another set of cabinet on the left. But due to its unacceptable condition, it had been detached and will be restored later on.

The dining area seems quite spacious.

The corridor leads way to rooms.

The master bedroom.

TV cabinet.

Yes, our queen size bed.

Our closet is the major failure of all. After some negotiation, we agreed to keep the interior, but insist they removed the shell and the upper cabinet for reworking. So, temporary, there will be an opening up to the ceiling and to the left-right wall. Such a regret to see in the whole house.

The wash room in master bedroom.

Kid's room. The upper part of the closet (on the right hand side) needs to be reworked too.

The wash room for kids and guests.

The guest room...

The lower part can be flipped over and become a 3 ft bed when in used. Other time, we can store small items in the interior shelf.

The view of guest room from clear window.
We shall see how the house will look like after moving in more stuffs later....Boy, I love my new house!


Gargles said...

love it! love it! it looks like a hotel! oh wait! IT IS A HOTEL!!! (for us, that is and of course, FOC one, i'll claim that first!)

so when i come over and stay in the guest room, you can observe me sleeping lor? :)

jessylee said...

KW will come to HK this Oct and stay at my place. So, if you want to be the 1st to claim for FOC accomodation, you got to come earlier lo..

And don't worry, there is a roll curtain inside there to keep our eyes clean.

Fishman said...

MY, your place is very very nice la. Looks very spacious as well. :-)

jessylee said...

Thanks KW.
Come and see it yourself this Oct lah.

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