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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

How time does fly, we have moved in to the new house for 10 days already.
There are still many things need to be done or bought in order to make the house 100% convenient & comfortable, but they are less urgent anyway. With the arrival of dining table and sofa one after the other, I would say all of the basic necessities are there already.

The cabinet set at piano is still not ready, sigh...

After waiting for 4 weeks, finally the sofa has arrived on time...

It's big enough for the 4 of us to sit on it comfortably without any "arguing".

The boys spend a lot of time at this special corner. I'll make it more cozy for them later on.

The dining table has arrived on time too, but it is not yet completed because...

we had rejected 2 parts due to visible scratches on the wooden surface. The new parts will be delivered to us next week.

The boys are so thrilled to the new environment of new home...

We need to continuously remind them not to play near the balcony area. Guess this is the bad point to have a balcony at high rise building.

Still spacious enough...

Glad to see they have more space to move around now, so do we.

Everything is good about the new house, except the open space / area that needed to be cleaned has become at least 6X bigger than before.
Next thing to do, I got to buy some equipment to help me in efficient cleaning....and this need to be done fast lo !!


My Family's Memoir said...

Really nice and cosy. You can probably consider getting a Romba to help you with the floor cleaning, m planning to get 1 too :)

jessylee said...

Thanks Juju.

I have just bought a cleaning system, called Hyla to help me. If you plan to buy one for yourself, you may check this out for another option too.

cy said...

Finally, Jessy! Congrats. We will come and visit you and stay there ok? Haha.

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