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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Been 1 Year

Dad, it's been 1 year since you have gone....

I still remember vividly the devastating moment I had had with you back in last year 1-Jun, at your bed side when you left us forever. And also, the peaceful moment I felt in the 3D2N funeral ceremony where I get to meet and talk with your old friends and relatives. They all have good comments about you, did you hear that too?

For that whole past year, I have never dreamed once about you. I would like to think that is because you have moved on to a new cycle of life already. Anyway, in that period of time, I did notice one bizarre thing happen in our old house. And coincidence or what, that happening happened soon after your departure...

See...our old house has been habituated by thousands of big & small cockroaches since many many years ago. Although we have tried every methods, we just couldn't make them moving out from our house. So all these years, we have to live with them until the boys also get used with their existence already. You knew it, mom knew it. Mom used to beat them up one by one in the midnight or dawn time when she couldn't sleep well that day....

Then one day (several weeks after your funeral), husband saw a lizard crawling on the floor near the piano side. The boys saw it too. They even told me that lizard was living inside the piano's case. Strange thing is, I have never get to see that lizard by myself, what I saw was its drooping only.

Just when we pondered where the lizard came from, to our little apartment which is on 22 nd floor high, we started to notice that the number of cockroaches was decreasing drastically each day. Within 2-3 weeks time, all of the cockroaches were like vanished into thin air. We didn't get to see any cockroaches moving around our old house anymore, not even the smallest one. Until the day we moved out, to our new house, we haven't seen any cockroach. They just disappear, like they have never exist before.

We are not superstitious person. At one side, we guess that lizard must have eaten up the cockroaches one by one. But at the other side, we couldn't explain this bizarre happening. Really, it's very very uncommon to see a house fly or mosquito exist in a high rise building, don't mention a lizard, which is totally out of our imagination. So, where did that lizard came from?

Secretly, I would like to think that the lizard was you, dad. You have transformed yourself and came to live with us for a while, and helped us to get rid of those little monsters. Aren't you, dad?

Thanks dad, for everything. I will always love you.

About 2 months ago (after we moved in to the new house), William told me one day, that he saw you in his dream. You were with us in a tim-sum breakfast, and you laughed very happily. Too bad he couldn't remember if you had said anything in his dream. But that's ok. I'm glad to hear that you laughed very happily in William's dream, for I don't think William would make up a story like this, out of a sudden.

Dad, all these indications have suggested that you must have living a happy life somewhere out there for now, watching us and protecting us. That's my believe, and I hope it is true.

Thanks for being my dad. You always will.

Dad, mom and I have prepared some of your favorite foods (including tim-sum) for you today. Come, enjoy those foods tonight.


My Family's Memoir said...

where have you been ? Din see you updating your blog for a pretty long time :)

jessylee said...

Hi Juju, I went to UK, Germany, Switzerland & Turkey for long business trip, that's why lo...

My Family's Memoir said...

wow, so many countries.. Must be really fun

jessylee said...

It's just a business trip.
Most of the time, I need to work.

In fact, I don't even have many private time for myself. So, it's not as fun as you thought lo.

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