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Friday, May 27, 2011


Turkey's trip turned out to be not-a-good trip for me. In fact, I regret to describe this trip as a total disappointment, as all I've seen is the unpleasant side of Istanbul.

In summary, I don't get to see Istanbul as what it is famous to the world. Although I stay there for 4 days, I have spent most of the time in traffic congestion, travelling from a messy town to another messy town to meet the not so interesting customers, till 7-8 pm.

From this experience, it's not too much to jump to the conclusion that any other places other than those tourist attraction is not worth going at all. Or one would simply find himself or herself trap in traffic congestion everywhere around Istanbul, and disappointed when reach the small town which is dirty, messy & non attractive.

The road that leads to my customer's office.

Most of the time, the cars just won't form in line, and I heard my agent cursed the other drivers for at least 10 times in a day.

The view as seen from my agent's office.

The famous Bosphorus Straits, that divide the Asia continent and Europe continent.

The typical Turkish foods taste better than my expectation though.

I especially like their bread, all sorts of bread, for example this one.

The last night before going back to HK, the big boss treated me a good dinner near Bosphorus straits. Too bad the sky was all dark by the time we get there, but that's the only pleasant moment I had in that 4-day time.

Couldn't get good photo at night time with my low version camera. Sigh..

The foods are general good. I have a whole sea pass on my dish. After finishing up this side dish, I felt so full that I almost want to throw up.

On the last day, I met the customers until 7.30 pm again. Then, my agent drove me to the airport. I just felt so relieved, total relieved !!!


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