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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gua Tempurung

On the 3rd day, we all drove to Ipoh's Fu-Shan restaurant for a dim-sum breakfast. The service was super lousy that it didn't worth a mention. Anyway, I didn't really care about this. What I care was the place my brothers and I had planed to go afterwards.

I remember some years ago, when we went back to Malaysia for CNY, we visited Gua Tempurung. But I didn't realize it was 5 years ago, until I checked my old blog. My, time fly like rocket.

The gang, consists of members age from 4-month-old to 65-year-old.

Our tour would began at 1245 noon. Again, photo-shooting is the best way to kill time.

As usual, my brother had offered great help in looking after his niece and nephews. The kids love to play with him too.

Can't imagine what my life will be if this is real....

The princess in our family.

She looks like Princess Leia here.

Princess was showing off her new pair of shoes that I've bought her.

The super bright kid whom my mom-in-law is very proud of and like to brag for.

Ok, time to go in now.

No way we would let the kids to play in the water, so they could only envy of them.

The oldest & the youngest.

Passing through the tunnel to the cave...

I was amazed by the rock formation as soon as I saw the this.

Since this was not our first time, we knew where the stair is going to lead us to.

So, we just follow the path...

Standing at this point to look at the surrounding has given me so much of the positive energy.

Looking at the pillar, and I feel only God can create it.

We continued to proceed...

The rest of the journey is so beautiful, that the photos can tell....

We almost reached the end points up front.

Ok, that's the end point of this easy route.

Next year, we plan to take a more challenging route that will go further down, and walk out the cave by following a stream.

The return journey was mainly a photo session for my 2 brothers and I.

It's been a very long time since the 3 of us last met. It's very precious and fun that we could 'play' together again, just like we did when we were kids.

I had never imagined this youngest brother of mine, had become the father of 4 now...

And I had never imagined this younger brother of mine, still remain single yet enjoy his life to its fullest.

Now then we are adults, we don't play kid's game anymore. This time, we tried to take good photos in the dark environment without flash light & tripod.

We took turn to take pictures for one another...

Not bad...

Guys, I really proud of you.

Finally, the 3 of us walked back & met up with the rest of the gang from here. Heard that the kids had complained seriously about our "no show" for a long time. Haha...

One last look to the mysterious cave we have just explored...

I remember this part was pretty scary to me when I came 5 years ago, but not this year. Probably because we came in a big group this year that had diverted my attention.

When the dark meets light...and I see hopes...

Ok, back to the end point, which is also the beginning point.

Again, the kids were so envy of them who played in the water. But the answer was still a "NO" from all of the adults.

Gosh, had to see the glaring sun again...

The 24-filial father who succumb to his kids' demand. He took them to the stream side for a look.

The young mother who has sacrificed her fun time to look after her baby. Another great mom !

With some good company, this trip is full of fun though short.


My Family's Memoir said...

Never imagined Gua Tempurung is so nice, hahahah. We shd bring the kids there too.
You have 2 lovely brothers.

jessylee said...

Yes, I was very impressed when we went there for the 1st time. You really should bring your kids to there too.

Yes, you are right. Both of my brothers are lovely.

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