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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs

I happened to notice an advertisement in the newspaper some time ago that "Walking With Dinosaurs" was coming to town by December this year. Just when I wondered what kind of show it is, I bumped into an introduction about the show in a magazine...
"It's a dazzling US$15 million dollar arena spectacle of unprecedented size and quality set to captivate young and old alike. Marvel at the story of dinosaurs 200 million years domination of life on earth."
Hubby and I spread the news to some friends and colleagues. Not too long later, we gathered good responses from them. That prompted us to go to purchase the group tickets happily, enjoying 10% discount (for every purchase of 15 tickets or above), for a total of 22 person.
All this happened in August, but the show time would fall on 27-Dec. So, it's really a long way to go.

Not just the adults, the children have been awaiting for this day a long time too...

Our show time was 11 am. We arrived at the hall at around 10.30 am While I ran here and there to handle the lost-and-reprint tickets for hubby's colleagues, sons were alert enough to notice a site where they could dig dino eggs. They even told me how to apply for it, just fill in the form will do (I'm so proud of them).

After filling up the form, they entered the site to start to dig their egg. Actually, this was a lucky draw game. The big prize is HK$ 100K.

For the kids, I think they prefer the eggs that they were about to dig contains a dinosaurs in it, than cash.

As expected, they didn't get the big prize (no body did for the 11 am show). But sons were still happy for the prize they get, i.e. dinosaurs' sticker.

The ticket is not cheap. For VIP Plus (HK$ 995), VIP (HK$ 595), A Reserve (HK$ 395), B Reserve (HK$ 195). The ticket we had bought was A Reserve category.

My mom was not suppose to be here in the show. This is because by the time we bought the ticket, we didn't know she would come to HK again by year end. Anyway, hubby was nice enough to give away his seat to my mom. Instead, he arranged himself to fly to Bangkok to visit his grandmother.

CP's hubby couldn't make it to the show too. So, she sold the ticket to her son's friend.

Sorry LC, your family photo didn't come out a nice one. I'll make you a good one next time, ok.

Odette's daughter and son. Several days before the show started, their mom found out all the 4 tickets were lost. Luckily, I still keep the receipt so that I could get the re-print tickets for them.

After years of planning, the award-winning BBC TV series, Walking With Dinosaurs comes to life in a stunning live theatrical event. Internationally renowned designers have worked with scientists to create 20 life-size dinosaurs, including the terror of the ancient terrain, Tyrannosaurus-Rex!

Can't wait for the show to start....

Ok, it's show time now...Allosaurus was the first to come out from back stage.

Then come with the Stegosaurus...

Watching them walk, hearing them roar, and from the ripple of their skin to the glint in the eye, it made me feel that the dinosaurs really have returned.

Liliensternus...son said it doesn't look like a good guy.

Brachiosaurus...my favorite, simply because it was the tallest.

This Brachiosaurus is 3-stories tall...

said "hi" to the audience.

it got such a sweet smile...

Although very tall, the Brachiosaurus has no confident to defeat the Liliensterus.

until another taller Brachiosaurus (4-stories tall) came to her rescue...

Yeah, 2 Brachiosaurus can make the strongest team on earth.

at last, the loser got to disappear himself fast.

and they declared victory...

" thank you everyone for your great support"

"thank you thank you"

"come honey, give me a big hug"

Ahh...how sweet, and romantic too !

After this romantic scene was a 15-min pee break for the audience.

After that, the giant bird was put on the show. It's Ornithocheirus.

It flew for 10 minutes none stop, across the mountains and oceans...

Utahraptor bowed...


Ankylosaurus, it got such a baby face.

Staggeringly real !

Naturally, when 3 species exist at the same time, they would be fighting for survival and supremacy.

there comes the greatest predator on earth, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

Truly spectacular !

Honestly, I was totally amazed and thrilled as the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth return before my eyes.

I felt the pressure when it get near to us...

William get a bit scared that he came to my place and wanted me to hold him in arms...WTH, I thought he has grown big enough to take all this easily?

I thought the big one would eat up the small one....

seems that they knew each other.

ahh..a very loving scene.

Vincent had defined this scene as the "good-bye kiss before they both died when an asteroid fell from the outer space".

Vincent is right. That's the end of the dinosaurs era, one of the greatest extinction on earth.

Absolutely entertaining, educational and breathtaking! This show is truly a rare entertainment beast for the parents and kids. Although the ticket price is not cheap, it's worthwhile.


Gargles said...

*wag finger*

you are not allowed to take pics during the show hoh!!

(thanks for recommending that to me too! else, i don't think we would have the chance to watch it for a long time to come)

jessylee said...

i didn't notice any sign of "no photography" over here lo...also, i saw flash light everywhere in the hall, but nobody cares.

actually, i think it's ok to take photos wo..not that we tape recorded it, like somebody did (u know lah...wink wink)

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