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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wetland Park

A few days before William's 7th birthday, we let him choose a place that he would like to go, as one of his presents. Well, I knew he would pick Wetland Park, cause he has been bugging us to take him there for quite some time already. As expected, I was so right.
Actually, I would love to go to Wetland Park too. It just like a zoo to us (damn there is no zoo in HK). Furthermore, it's been quite a while since we last visited the place.

They said those "ducks" look smaller compared to the last time they saw them, not realizing that's because they grow taller and bigger but not for those "ducks"

How time does fly...3 more days later, he will turn to 7.

Mom is with us this time. She said this is her 2nd visit to Wetland Park.

Some newly added features along the walkway before main entrance.

They are so cute...

This too, very cute...

He won't be able to bully the bird in this way, if not because the bird is a fake one.

How obedient...

So cool...

Son can remember the details of many trips very well, that make us feel worthwhile to expose them to as many different environment as possible. Like said : walk thousand miles can beat read thousand books.

The reception area. Nothing seems to have changed, but not exactly....

First, origami cranes welcome the visitors at the reception area. Sons love folding papers. Too bad I'm not good at it to teach them. Too bad it's difficult for me to learn it from books.

Secondly, there is a very beautiful aquarium was set in the reception area too.

I love aquarium, I always do....

I especially love those live coral reef. They are one of the most fascinating creatures in this world...

"Nemo" and his home, such a perfect match...


Forgot its name in the movie...

This too, I think it's newly added.

William is still a bit short to reach those telescopes....and he is not happy about this.

We were happy to see his big brother was willing to help him to reach the telescopes before we lend him a helping hands. Yeah, that's the way it should go...

Let's see, we could see ducks swimming in the ponds and turtles resting on the trunks..

Trying to understand more about wetland here....

They have played this for quite some time. What's so fun about it?

The same old tiger specimen since day 1 till now...

I wonder how long can a specimen last for?

I couldn't look into its eyes for too long....just don't feel comfortable with it.

This crane is so beautiful, like a fairy.

Very cold world....

I used to like colorful stuffs. But as I grow older, I start to like white stuffs more than anything else. Weird.

Bird's migration route around the world...

Enter the dark room... saw this creepy snake with its sheer detached skin. Eerie....

They are real. And I pity them to have to be locked up in the glass enclosure for the rest of their life.

It's cool to stand near to the glass panel and watch the fishes swim across, feel that I had become one of them.

Fish can identify their group too. Obviously, this fish is not a friend to the fish in the above photo.

The mock up swamp area.

Yeah, finally William got to see the crocodile which he misses all this time. He said it has grown up a lot. I think so too.

Here is the other 2, they all seem grown up a lot.

This one look so cartoon...something like "Winnie the Pooh".

The interactive part of the dark room.

You'll never get to see what it is unless you open it up...

"Please, get me out of here..."

The end of the dark room.

Bumped into this giant fly when we just walked out from the dark room, but none of us felt freaking scared of it. What a loser !

The upper level's observatory platform.

The scenery out there...

This season is the best season to watch birds.

Another dark room, more for theater.

What are they doing here?

Need to sit up straight and look up to the screen on ceiling...definitely not comfortable !

The famous painting about the township along a river in China. In Shanghai Expo, there is a "moving" version, very interesting.

Whatever theater, sons love it...

even though the movie is as simple as this.

It's my first time to take this motion picture ride. Well, considering its mild and slow movement, I think it more suit the children lo.

Next stop is the indoor playground. Vincent was rejected because his height is over the upper limit. Luckily the birthday day was still ok to enter. Otherwise, I'm sure he would make a big fuss about it.

Son, you got to know it's a fact of life that you will grow out of size and no longer fit to this playground when we visit this place next time, ok?

Although not very happy, Vincent has taken the rejection easily. So, hubby bought him a tea set as for his compensation. William was so envy for this...

Pui Pui is one of the crocodiles that son misses all this time. Unfortunately, we couldn't see it clear this time cause it slept so soundly under the water.

From here, we started to take a walk at outdoor...

A beautiful wall with red leaves as backdrop.

The weather was just nice on that day, not so cold, not so windy.

Mom said this fruit looks like Kiwi fruit.

We were surprised to see the fishes had grown up that big too....

It's so convenient to walk on this path...baby stroller or wheelchair, no problem at all.

The other son has run to no where can be seen...

checking for the water again...

saw another big fish...

still, the other son has run to no where can be seen....

Walking towards the stopover in the middle part of the walk.

There is a Volunteer's Origami Station over there...

The making was complicated if without assistance. Luckily, this boy had helped Vincent to complete the final stage.

We have waited there for 15 minutes, finally he had completed it.

William had completed it a bit later too

Cute !

While waiting for the boys to make their bird, I have plenty of time to admire this origami display at the other side of the station.

Awesome !

Awesome !!

Awesome !!!

He started his imaginary puppet show again.

The time was nearly 4.30 pm by then, we got to walk faster before the park closed at 5 pm (in winter time).

Looking back...

The lotus was all dead...wonder why? too cold?

such a big contrast of high rise building at one side and swamp area at the other side.

Hundreds of bird swimming in the river here...

looking at the birds at one of the stopover.

One of the highlight is to look for the red color crabs along the mangrove trees. Also, this floating bridge will add thrill sensation walking on it. Too bad, we saw zero crab this time. I wonder if all of them hibernated in winter time?

Looking back to this floating bridge...

Almost 5 pm, time to walk back now.

Slowly walking back to the main building.

Sons, I hope you had had some great time. And I hope you will remember this for a long time too.


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