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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visit SY's Place

The last stop before flying back to HK was to visit my old friend, SY's house. Her place located so near to the Sentral train station, that it serves a perfect stop over for us.
In order to save the travelling time, my friend is kind enough to prepare a steamboat dinner at home. SY, it's a wonderful dinner, especially your homemade chili+garlic+lemon sauce, very yummy.
The whole night, we adults chatted casually around the dining table, while the kids were playing happily with one another in a safe environment. Just a perfect night to us. Thank you my friend.

At 11pm something, they mood was still pretty high though we wanted them to go to sleep fast.

It's really not easy to take some good photos of them. After shooting for more than 30 photos, I would say these are the best.

These 2 little are the champion in a "freeze" competition.

That's the end of our CNY holiday.


Anonymous said...

you and your family are always welcomed to our humble little home. hope to see you guys again soon.


jessylee said...

kawan, thanks for your hospitality.

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