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Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Town's Trivia - 2

Since we have very limited mobility, we either sleep or watch TV or read newspaper when we didn't get to go anywhere. Guess the life after retirement is more of less something like this....

Feeling bored, I simply took a photo of hubby when he was taking his nap, again.

Before I went back to Malaysia, I had planned to take photos of the home-town foods which I like. But end up, I didn't take photos for any of them besides this Kaya Puff, one of the best among all.

Finally, MD restaurant has come to town. I have been waited for its arrival since 20 years ago. If it came at that time, I would be jumping up and shouting hurray, but not anymore now. Anyway, since the restaurant is there, we paid it a visit in a darn hot afternoon time.

Son was happy though cause he was given a whole fried chicken from his grandpa.

Another reason why we came in the afternoon time is because we heard there is an indoor playground there. So, we thought it would be good to let the kids run inside there without sweating too much. But the playground is so small that it only fit for baby.


Fishman said...

CNY break is always about spending time with family, eating & sleeping. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

jessylee said...

Yeah, you are right.
Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too !!

My Family's Memoir said...

Mun Yee, need to check with you on the weather in HK. A good friend of mine will be visiting HK with her husb and 1+ old bb in early March. She would like to know hw is there weather so that she can prepare the necessary clothing for her bb. Btw, can I have your email ?

jessylee said...

this winter is especially cold...

even until now, the temperature is still 12-15C, with shower rain.

hopefully, the temperature will rise above 15C by early Mar. I'll let you know when the time come closer later.

My email : jessy_mylee@hotmail.com

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