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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Present

I seldom blog about my birthday all these years. But this year, my friend SY would like to take a look of my birthday present, so here it is....

Present from husband. When we fly back to KL for CNY, I saw this watch from the inflight sales booklet. I casually show it to husband and said it looks nice. Then, on the way flying back to HK 10 days later, he bought it secretly for me. Very sweet of him !

The watch came with a necklace and pendant too. The stones are all from Swarovski crystal. I love it.

Sons are big enough to take part now. When they came back from school that afternoon, they were so busy to prepare their "present" for me. For this, they simply took whatever materials they can find from home. Looking at their serious facial expression while making this, I just felt so funny, yet warm.

Vincent is very creative, he even draw a map to show mw where he had hiden his present. So, I got to look for it myself. Although it's very clear that the present was hiden in my bedroom, still, it had taken me quite some time to find it.

Yeah, finally found Vincent's present somewhere in my closet.

William's present, his bracelet (given by Uncle Walter) + one of his sharpener.

Vincent's "present". He simply took the SK-II eye cream which I bought on that day.

I love you, guys.


My Family's Memoir said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mun Yee, I simply love your gifts :)

jessylee said...

Thanks Juju.
I love my gifts too.

Gargles said...

really sweet of the guys. wish my birthday is as happening as yours! :)

jessylee said...

Gargles, sure you will get those sweet happening too.

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