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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waterfall, Peculiar Rocks & Sea

The time was nearly 4.30 pm when we left Jiufen.

The driver asked if we would like to go to a sea side to see some rocks, or she could drive us to the night market directly. Since the time was still early for dinner, we asked her to take us to the sea side then.

On the way to sea side, somewhere around Ziqiang Bridge and Zhang Mining area, we stopped over a waterfall site, called Jing Gua Shi Waterfall (Gold Waterfall).

When the heavy rainfall of the Jingua Stone area flows into the copper ore and iron ore and out, a golden waterfall is formed.

There is nothing else to see at this place except the waterfall. So, we left the place 5 minutes later. Our car rolled down the hill slowly. 10 minutes later, the driver stopped her car at the sea side where we could get to see some beautiful rocks.

The place is called NanYa Peculiar Rocks.

Ok, the giant rock behind is sort of peculiar.

These layered, sandstone rocks have been eroded into peculiar shapes by a combination of water and wind. The rock contains icon oxide, which causes the colorful streaks.

These are indeed very beautiful rocks...

While I was still on the top to admire the beautiful rocks scatter all around the sea side, husband & sons have gone down to the beach already.

Told them I would go down to join them after I've done with my business.

The colorful rocks had created such a beautiful picture, everything is so well-blended.

The further end is a spooky sea we were about to go after this.

One of the beautiful rocks down there.

I then turned my eyes to admire the scenes on the other end of the beach.

I simply love the shapes & the colors of the rocks.

They are the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen.

The English translation contains not much info as in the Chinese version. Glad I can catch up both of them.

Ok, enough of shooting. I then decided to go down to join husband & sons. Parents-in-law didn't want to walk down the path which is narrow, plus steep. They prefer to stay on top and wait for us instead. I just let them be.

Actually, it's like eating a piece of cake to go down to here, took me only 2-3 minutes.

This time, I get to see that peculiar rock from its foot to head.

By the time I walked near them, I saw William was chasing after his wooden gun, which had dropped into the fast flowing water....I was very excited to see this.

End up, daddy had rescued the gun & brought it back to him safely. Isn't he look like a hero?

I'm happy to see that they are such a good company to each other for most of the time.

The bowl-shape small rock he had picked, that he brought it home too.

I looked around the area and continued to look for beautiful rocks.

This one is the most beautiful. At first glance, it looks like one of those popular angry birds.

Its side look.

Vincent said he had had some good time here. Well, he always had some good time at the place where water & rocks exist.

Ok, it's time to go to see the other side of the beach now.

The rocks at the other side, they look like buns to me, so inviting....

After 20 minutes, we walked up to the top & joined the parents and our driver.

The driver cum tour guide said we should go to the other side and check for another rock worth seeing. So, we followed her.

the rock surface leading uphill is kind of cute...

When we stood at the hill top, our tour guide pointed at those rocks below and asked us what was the thing we get to see?

Almost at the same time, sons and I exclaimed in high pitch : It's a FISH !

OMG, what happen to it that made it looks so much like a FISH?

From high place, some look like a pig, some look like a sea shell...none of them look like a rock to me. Haha...

After seeing the peculiar rocks, we drove a bit further to see the peculiar sea somewhere nearby.

That's called Yin-yang Sea, as the water is permanently a mix of 2 different colors (yellow & blue).

It was initially believed that the sea color was the result of pollution from Taiwan Metal Mining Corp's smelting activities. But, over 10 years after the company had stopped its activities, Yin-yang Sea still exists.

Scholars then speculate this geology has a large amount of pyrite that, after millions of years, it has formed Fe3+ which can't dissolve easily in water. This forms iron ion floating particles when it flows into the sea, resulting in the strange sight of the Yin-yang Sea.

As a chemistry student myself, I can comprehend and accept this explanation. I think this make sense too since this place is rich in heavy metal content.

However, our driver told us a totally different story about the sea. She said local people believes that the 2 different color was formed due to the influences of spiritual energy from its surrounding. She then pointed to those many beautiful "houses" of the deceases, built along the hill side everywhere. She said their soul constantly floated in the air, and this can be reflected in the color of the sea water. Believe it or not?

The driver then pointed to the "Thirteen Level" which is just right behind us...It scared me a bit, cause somehow, I had related it to "Eighteen Level" spontaneously.

The so-called "Thirteen Level" is actually a copper smeltery built along the hillside. the plant has 13 levels, hence the name. The abandoned plant is a popular spot for singers in Taiwan to shot their music videos.

By the time we had wrapped up all the attractions around this region, the time was nearly 5.30pm by then. The driver said we better go off to the night market somewhere near Keelung Town.

The size of Keelung Night Market is much smaller than Taipei's Shilin Night Market which we have gone the night before. I find the food variety here is a little bit different from Shilin's though.

Since everyone was hungry, we settled down at one of the stalls that offer local dishes. After I had placed 4-5 orders, I found that the foods might be too much for us. Without any delay, I told the man to cancel one dish, but that guy gave me "black" face again, he didn't say ok or not-ok either. I had sort of expected he won't accept my cancellation at all. Well, I was right.

This was the 3rd time in a day, I had had some unpleasant buying experience with the Taiwanese people. Frankly speaking, I very dislike the way they do business, for they like to force people in buying.

After dinner, we were all tired and wanted to go back to the hotel for a hot shower. We left the place at around 7pm.

Before leaving, we took a pee-break in this temple. As told by the driver, this is the only place in the night market where we can pee or poo. Good to say that the condition of public toilet in Taiwan is generally clean.

Well, husband and I didn't retire our day in the hotel room when we went back to Taipei anyway. We ditched the kids in the room, and walked to the town again. The kids are happy with our decision too, cause they really prefer to watch movies in the comfortable room than walking on the crowded streets out there.


Gargles said...

The rocks are really beautiful. Pity I didn't get to visit that place before. And I don't think I wanna go back visiting Taiwan in the near future. Not pro la the way those hawkers do. Hearsay, last last time, long time ago, HK ppl also do biz like that. ;)

jessylee said...

Yeah, those are beautiful rocks, but you see them from my pictures is ok already lah. Don't bother to go liao.

It's true that HK's hawkers are not very friendly, but still, I feel they are better for I seldom bumped into anyone who won't accept my cancellation.

Carmen Cheah said...

Hi jessy, may i know if you think it was worth visiting Keelung market? Did u miss the sky lantern Pingxi? Btw, how was your driver as i am still loking for a driver for my next month trip to Taipei? Thanks.

Jessy Lee said...

To me, Keelung market is nothing too special. It's just an ordinary night market like any others around Taipei area.

But if you plan to go to the attractions around Keelung, then you may consider to drop by Keelung market for dinner, like we did.

No, we didn't go to PingXi, cause the trip was too short.

Wish you a happy vacation in Taiwan.

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