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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Reunion - Part II

My in-law said they hate taking photo.

Therefore, we never forced them to take any photos with us. But this year, husband insisted. I don't know why? Maybe he was triggered by me, who had taken many photos with my family members by then.

These are the family members I don't really know them well in person. We only saw them once a year, for 3-4 days (except parents-in-laws who will visit us once or twice a year)

Everyone looks different in a way, except the grandparents. Boy, I think they really hate photographing (haha...)

Father-in-law love gardening though. He plants many flowers and vegetable in his private garden. This flower happen to blossom beautifully when we were still there.






cy said...

Yeah, family photos are much treasured, huh. Unlike you, I print out the hard copy immediately to please my parents, hehe. Framed it up too

jessylee said...

wow..so efficient.
I must do it soon. Thx for motivating me.

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