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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pizza Lunch

I felt the weather Malaysia was especially hot this year (36-37 C). That made me wanted to hide in the air conditioning room from 12-5 pm, did nothing in particular.

Before CK and his family drove back to JB, I'd suggested everyone to take lunch in Pizza Hut. Although pizza is not my parent's cup of tea, they attended too. Like said, food is not the concern, reunion is.

This happen to be my sister's birthday. Gosh, I didn't realize it until my brother-in-law bought her a cake to the restaurant. (What a lousy sister I am, sorry)

Also, thanks for my brother-in-law who had taken good care of her.

Happy Birthday sis. May this year a wonderful year to you and family !

This niece is mature enough to handle many things for everybody. She serves a good model to the others too. Good work, sis.

First, we ate cake....

then came the pizza and pasta...

One of the pizza we ordered. The taste is quite different from the one we normally eat from HK. Different place, different favor.

My dad seemed very happy on that day. Just that on the next day, he got to be hospitalized again for another unbearable physical problem. He stayed in the hospital for 4 days before discharged. So, Kampar Hospital is a place I visited most frequently besides home.

Looking at those family faces, how I wish I can go out more often with them. But sad to say, going for an family outing has become increasingly difficult as father's condition is not fit for travelling anymore.

Good bye princess, ku-ku see you next year, ok.

Oh yes, congratulations CK. Happy convo this March. We all are so proud of you.

As you grows up so fast, I just want to take more photos together with you as remembrance. Remember the good time we had had together ok?






Gargles said...

Very sweet moment captured of your sis and bro in law. Hey, her birthday also about yours?

jessylee said...

Yes, I like that shot too, it's indeed very sweet moment.

Her birthday is on 18-Feb, a few days earlier than mine. How could I forget it this year? Guilty lah.

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