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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Home...

Same like past years, we went back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year celebration. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say this is the time for family reunion, and to meet some old friends.

At the airport, decoration is very Chinese New Year feel.

Waiting to be called...

We were lucky enough to get 4 seats at last, off we go.

This year, we went back early, i.e. 4 days before the 1st day. We stopped over KL and stayed 2 nights at CK's place. Too bad the couple and their kids were very busy that we couldn't spent much time together. Anyway, I am grateful for their hospitality to provide us a comfortable accomodation in their super big house.

The next day, we spent half of the day in Mid Valley, and the other half at SY's place. Took the kids to swimming pool at the evening time, and went out for dinner at night time. Thanks for the treat, SY.

The children had had some good time playing together.

Before leaving SY's place, I was surprised with a birthday cake that she bought for me. Although a bit too early, I appreciate for it.

Thank you, friend, for everything.


Gargles said...

Aiyah, it's nothing. I just feel terrible for giving you and KS so much trouble with the car when in fact it should be giving convenience to you.

CNY over the years, more like reunions with family and friends, I agree. Nice that this time, we have an easy time getting together.

jessylee said...

Don't be sorry.
Sometimes, thing just won't go the way we wish it to.

Yeah, it's nice we have spent some time together. My boys love your house so much leh.

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