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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ruins & Debris

2 days later, husband and I went up to the new apartment to check its condition....

Saw these debris right in front of the main door. I took a deep breathe and opened up the door.

No kidding, almost all have gone in just 2-day time! Now then we can see the house in naked form.

The kitchen (left) and the laundry room + store room (right).

The gas meter and the control valve.

One of the broken socket and the exposed wiring.

One of the inner pipes buried inside the wall, I think it's for drainage purpose.

The waiting-to-be-cleared debris was seen everywhere in the apartment, like after-war.

The living area looks spacious now, just the way I want it to be.

I love it !

Husband was pretending...

I have never seen him doing this for my whole life before (very funny).

The cabinet has been dismantled from this wall.

Piles & Piles of construction wastes.

Some of the broken electrical appliances and the fish tank from the ex-owner.

The kitchen's door and the oven.

The corridor that leads way to bedroom and toilet.

Toilet #1

The piping that are exposed...

This too....

The kid's room

I can't figure out where are they from?

The master bedroom and toilet #2.

The glass partition has been pull down.

Since the workers have all gone for lunch break, I need to replace them, haha....

Now I know this driller is much heavier than I thought.

No doubt, those debris are from the glass partition.

1 hour later, the workers have returned to the workplace. A man was also there to measure the size of the windows for us.

This worker was cutting off one of the water pipes that buried underground. Gosh, I felt like he was cutting off my throat. It's not fun to watch the real damaging work in progress on the spot.
After the destruction works are completed in another 1 more day, the construction works will soon be started. I think it should be more fun to see its development later on. Will see....


Gargles said...

WOW! I'm excited too!! Keep the progress updated, it's like me moving into a new home as well! haha..

It's gonna be a very nice home sweet home and spacious, spacious, spacious! I know I'm gonna like it even before I see it. So excited!

jessylee said...

Yeah, I feel excited seeing the progress too.

After all, it's not a common thing that we get to see a house in renovation from the beginning to its end ho...

Will sure get it update from time to time.
Wait ya.

My Family's Memoir said...

I have to say WOW!! too, major renovation indeed. Looking forward to see the new outlook.

jessylee said...

Yeah, the more I see those holes here and there, the more I feel shock !

cy said...

Wah, can I stay there if I go to HK now? Heard from SY previous room maybe not. But new home, much bigger woh.
BTW, Mae Hong Son, the place we went last month, is accesible by plane. Can fly from Chiangmai to MHS and avoid all the curves.

jessylee said...

CY, it's only 350 sq ft bigger, not too much lah.

Thanks for the info.
Now I know Mae Hong Son is accessible by plane.

submarino said...

these are wonderful photographs.

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