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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Water Pipes Layout

4 days later, I went up to the construction site to check its status again....

Another wall has been pull down...

The debris had been cleared 7788.

The place was quiet.....

When I entered the master room area, I saw this "Si-Fu" was working on the water pipe's construction in toilet #2. Feeling not sure if he felt happy with my presence, I said Hi to him very politely.

He didn't mind I took some photos of him working on the pipes. In fact, he said it's good for me to do this, that I should keep photos of every little things that they had done in the house, for recording purpose in the future.

After I've done, he lit the fire on the pipes. I think this is for sealing purpose.

I almost wanted to plead him to be careful and not to burn my house. Well, of course, nothing bad happen.

The water pipes in toilet #1, yet to be completed.

The "Si-Fu" told me the pipes construction for the whole house will be completed in another 1-2 days time. Then he will run the water pressure testing on it for 2 consecutive day (none-stopping) to make sure there is no leakage along every pipes line.

Water lines in the kitchen and laundry room is not yet completed.

I think it's better to record the pipes that they have used too, before the pipes is going to be buried later.

Big pipes and small pipes...

This is a 100 mm pipe, I guess it's for drainage purpose.

Besides the water pipes layout, there will be another "Si-Fu" who will start the electricity layout very soon.
The night before, the designer, the contractor, husband and I had gathered in this house to confirm the quantity and the exact location of every electrical outlets that we will need for furniture, lighting and electrical appliances.
This is one of the very important steps in the renovation process. Everyone of us got to be very careful not to make any mistake here. We had taken almost 2 hours to complete this procedure. I felt dead tired after this.

Besides the drawings on paper, the designer had draw on the wall to further explain the exact location of certain electrical outlets, so that the contractor can mark it correctly and pass it to the "Si-Fu".

Seems that every old electrical outlet has been removed....

When my mom saw all these, she was shocked. She asked if we really need to make such a big renovation to the house, cause she thinks the original house still look ok to her. We told her all these are absolutely needed in long run.
Although the outlook still ok, but the water pipes, the electrical wires & the gas pipes have been buried untouched for 2 decades already. For safety reasons, we better get them changed before moving in.

The main switch had been detached from the wall and will be relocated later.

The intercom also has been damaged.

There is not much to see yet....

Not much things inside the house too, just several bags of cement and pipes...

The cement that will be used to fill up the holes.

The only thing that is still there is the main door. But this too, shall go....


cy said...

Wah, looks like sifu very professional ho. Works pretty fast too. I think contractors in HK are quite fast, no? You are right, it is important to discus the electrical outlet and oh, better change the electrical old fittings too. Good choice.

jessylee said...

Professional or not, I don't know yet.
Hope they will do some good jobs for us lah.

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