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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something to be Remembered

20101017 was a very memorable day to us....
This was the day we bought a new home. Although nothing is too fancy about the new apartment, it's definitely bigger than the one we are living in.

After a long awaited 75 days, finally it belongs to us now (20110105).

Basically, we are going to refurbish and redesign this house from top to bottom. The new look will gonna be totally different from this old look.

Kitchen area, will be enlarged.

This originally maid's room will be turned into laundry room + store room.

A partition will be built between these 2 windows, so as to divide the kitchen from the laundry room. Also, this will enlarge the kitchen area.

The entrance to living area and dining area.

Will demolish that partition so as to restore the spaciousness of the living area and dining area.

This partition really doesn't make any sense to us !

The balcony area which I plan to make it my little garden.

This cabinet, will be gone too.

The corridor that lead way to 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets.

Going to move this guest room to the other side. So, will demolish the wall and make this place a special area instead, which will also become part of the living area.

Kid's bedroom.

Toilet #1

Master bedroom.

Will demolish this see-through glass partition between the master bedroom and toilet #2.

Toilet #2

Tomorrow, the contractor will start the demolition works. All this, will be gone within 2-3 days time.
Just can't wait to see our new home by March then !


Seeyoon said...

Wow! VERY big!! Awesome!
If u ask me, I think the place looks good and new, but of course u r going to make it even nicer!

Can't wait to visit u in your new home!

And I think the glass partition is sooo romantic! Heh!

jessylee said...

Thx Gangles.

Actually the things inside the house don't look new nor nice when seeing it from near. I think many of them have been there for many many years already. So, better get all of them changed lo.

Really? you like that glass partition? But I don't like to be watched when I shower, or pee, or poo wo...haha

You are welcome to our new home later.

My Family's Memoir said...

Nice place, are you engaging ID or you do the designs on your own ? Looking forward to see your new place and visit you 1 day :)

jessylee said...

Thanks JuJu.

We have hired an ID to do the design for us. Just tell him our needs and let him carry out the ideas for us.

Hopefully, the house will turn out the way we wish it to be. We will see...

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