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Friday, March 16, 2012


Last week, I saw something which I couldn't resist to buy them home....

It's love at first sight when I saw this.

And the most unique feature is, the little lamp on the table can be turned on.

Even though its size is not very big, everything was made in so detail. Awesome !!

I like the hat very much.

The next day, I went to the same promotion counter again, and decided to bring this one home too.

Absolutely beautiful.

Besides, I also brought this one home as well.

I put them on top of the piano. Since then, they had became my new love.


My Family's Memoir said...

Looks so English style, reminds me of those British movies :)

jessylee said...

Maybe I have visited Europe many times, I kind of like their style lo.

There are so many details on their furniture & home decoration, that reflects how dedicate they are to their life. Perhaps that's the reason I always feel warm and cozy when staying in their house.

My Family's Memoir said...

That's true, so much passion put into their designs.

jessylee said...

Yeah lo...this is the kind of attitude I want to cultivate into my life too.

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