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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chiffon Cake Passion

For the past so many years, I didn't really put much time into cooking or baking or what-so-ever activities that take place in the kitchen.

But now, things get change a little bit. Maybe it's because I have a bigger kitchen now, or maybe age is catching up...well, whatever, I just feel that it's time to pick up some cooking now.

Among the so many recipes, I had chosen chiffon cake as the starter. It doesn't need too many ingredients, most importantly, I can omit the fattening ingredients like butter, milk or cheese. Yet, the simple ingredients can create such a soft & light cake, which truly amazed me.

Of course, I have failed several times before I finally figure out the way to make a good chiffon cake. Since then, my cake has never collapsed for more than 3cm.

Just that, the surface of the cake which is exposed will still crack like nobody business. My friend told me I should reduce the temperature to let it rise steadily. I have tried her way and it did improve a lot, but not 100% solved. Anyway, it doesn't really matter as this surface will be flipped over after done.

Another fun thing about baking a chiffon cake is its flexibility. I can always mix and match many different flavors or ingredients in it once I master the skill.

This round, I baked a double layer chiffon cake. Husband and sons like it a lot, that really had given me a lots of satisfaction.


Gargles said...

Secrets please! Let me have a shortcut way to achieve what you had. And yes, the double layer chiffon cake looks great!

My Family's Memoir said...

wow, it rises very nicely, looks fluffy and soft too. It always feels good when you have good supporters for your bakings :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mun Yee,U know chiffon is one of the cake that require some skill. So glad that u finally made it! I see you have a kitchen fairy there! Guess I need to look for one too to put Her in my kitchen.

For the temperature, Iusually use 160c for my oven. U may cover the top with aluminum foil at the last 10 mins or so, if your oven temp is hotter type. Some people invest a
thermometer but I never has one la.

You r always an intelligence lady in my heart since day one I know you, in many area.
So I am sure u can do a very good job in your kitchen too!


jessylee said...

SY, my friend had recommended a very good website to me. I have been following her recipes so far. Check this out...Happy cooking ya !


jessylee said...

Juju, to be honest, I'm not 100% satisfied with my chiffon cake yet. Still learning & trying to improve. For husband and sons who are not fussy eater, so far I can still satisfy them keh. haha...

jessylee said...

WY, I can't agree more with you...Chiffon cake is really a cake that looks simple, but requires a lot of skills to make it perfect.

Thanks for another useful tips, I will cover the top with aluminium foil at the last 10 min next time. Hope this can help to minimize the crack.

Thanks for your compliment wo...You are always the most talented cook in my heart since day 1 I know you too. That's one of your specialties that I've admired a lot. Wish I can achieve 50% of what you have achieved already.

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