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Friday, March 16, 2012

Beitou Thermal Valley

The time was nearly 2.30 pm when we finally boarded on the train headed to our next destination, Beitou Thermal Valley.

The train is new & clean. But the most unique feature is, the interior was made by wood.

There even an interactive display where sons could play with in the chamber. Cool.

The weather was really so-so on that day, and there is nothing too special to look from the window as well. I just hope it would bring us to our destination asap.

From the train station, we need to walk uphill a little bit, for 15 minutes before we reached here. For us, the walk is ok. But for our folks, it's enough to make them breathless.

So, I suggested we take a break and sipped some hot drinks in this coffee shop. I could see that everyone welcomed this brilliant idea.

Ok, we felt more recharged after a short break and ready to go then.

Beitou Thermal Valley is not very big, covers an area of about 3500 sq feet.

The hot spring in the valley is so-called Green Sulfur Spring. There is only two green- sulfur-spring found in this world, and Beitou Termal Valley is one of them.

The surface temperature of the green sulfur hot spring origin is close to a hundred degrees, which is regarded as the hottest spring in the region of Datun Volcanic Group.

The surrounding mist and boiling spring water can be compared to the scenery in the hell. That' why the place is also called hell valley or ghost lake, which fits in with the given name "witch" of Beitou.

The residents here also call it the source of sulfur water.

The crystal clear and emerald spring water wins the reputation of mineral water dew and jade spring valley and is regarded as one of the most famous 8th scenic spots and 13th scenes during the Japanese colonial era.

Looking at the steam, I was frantically worried when I saw William cling himself on the wood barrier at Vincent's back. I dashed forward quickly to pull him down. Then, I couldn't help but give him a serious lecture of the most terrible consequences he would get if he fell in the pond.

The Green Sulfur Spring contains trace of radioactive matter, Radium. It has magic effect for recreation, sanitarium, rehabilitation and beauty.

The pH value of this Green Sulfur Spring is between 1.2 - 1.6 I dare not to imagine how painful it is if one skin is in contact with the water. It's like pouring strong acid to one's face. Thinking of that made my face turn to green.

Along the way, I nagged the boys that they must pay a serious respect to this place.

This place is simply nice-to-look-at, but can't-go-near-to.

Near the exit of the thermal valley, there are hot spring resorts for the residents to enjoy the outdoor scenery and picturesque landscape in Beitou. On the holidays, many visitors will come to take a bath in the natural mother earth.

We didn't go inside the resort. Instead, we stopped by a hot spring river when we walked back to the train station.

William kept pestering me to join him in the river. Told him I would be there a few more minutes after I settled my business.

Ok, here I come...

Daddy had come down to join us too

It is said that the green sulfur hot spring can activate the cells, release the body and ease the toil. Those who try themselves can refresh the tiring body and soul completely. So, if you are the one with too much work and too little rest, here is the place for you.

After many reassurance, finally the parents-in-law blended themselves with the surrounding. Good for them.

After leaving Beitou, we took the train to Tarn-Shui. Basically, the place is another night-market street that I thought I have seen enough during this trip. So, nothing has fascinated me over there.

We went back to the hotel after dinner. Since it was mom-in-law 69th birthday that day, we secretly bought a cake to her room for a small celebration. Before we said good night, hubby said he would bring all of us to a nearby toilet-restaurant for lunch. That's interesting, cause we have never been to a toilet-restaurant before. I was kind of very look forward to going there.

Unfortunately, it rained like cat and dog the next morning. So we got to give up the lunch plan, but leave for the airport earlier. The good thing was, parents-in-law & I was upgraded to the business class. So, that was a good ending to me.


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