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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Reunion - Part III

Mom, I promise I will print the below photos for you, together with the one we had taken in last year too, ok?

Everyone is there, except CW and CK. Maybe I will try to cut-and-paste their image in. Wait till I'm free to do it one day.

This is a lovely shot.

For better for worst, we will stick together.

The cousin brothers and cousin sisters. Age from 2 to 12.

Suddenly these numbers strike me, 12-9-6-8-2-6-7-4 Will buy mark-6 tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Can't underestimate the youngest. She thinks she can beat the world.

She can play this for 100X and still fell not enough of it.

Ok, got to stop now. Don't cry, princess.

I wish to see these scenes for many, many upcoming years.


Gargles said...

Great family pictures! Deserves an enlargement and hang up in the family hall. I'm sure your parents would feel happy seeing it everyday.

jessylee said...

Yeah, I will make an enlarged copy for them soon.
Won't forget it this year.

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