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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 2 - Lancelin Sand Dunes

Next stop :  Sand Dunes.

The boys and I have never been to any sand dunes before. So, we were looking forward to it. Also, it's great that the sand dune is nestled directly inland from Lancelin township. That means we didn't need to sit too long in the car, under the hot sun. YES !!

Since our rented car was not a 4-wheel drive (though a Korean tourist thought it is), we got to park our car outskirt, and walked into the dessert. Father-in-law wanted to rest in the car under the shade cause he was feeling headache at that time. Mother-in-law walked until here, then she returned to the car and waited for us there. 

Both of them are 71 now, they have a lots of physical limitation. For this trip, husband had tried his best to make it a relaxing one. To me, it was indeed a relatively easy trip if compared to those we have gone for summer vacation . But to them, I think this trip was still a bit too taxing. 

So, the 4 of us kept marching on....into the dessert.

Lancelin Sand Dunes is about 2km long, at 45 degree angles, is the biggest dunes in the whole WA. 

Travellers can play sand boarding, or driving in buggies, as well as kite surfing and windsurfing here. But again, due to low season, we didn't get to see too many tourists here.

Like said, we have never been to sand dunes before, so we felt very fresh about this place.

The wind was very strong, that I actually felt a bit cool under the hot sun. Then the very city-girl inside me thought we should have put on a facial mask in order not to breath in the fine sands to our lungs...

I have promised the boys that I would give them more time. So, this was it. 

Vincent who was wearing a red shirt & orange cap is so outstanding to the white surrounding. 

The place has no boundaries nor restriction, just freedom. 

Speaking of sand dunes, my first thoughts are related to deserts, with extreme heat, loneliness and drought. However, Lancelin sand dunes had changed those thought. 

Under the bright sun, walking barefoot on the white, soft and fine sand, which amazingly is cool, had given me the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic walk. I felt some inner peace too by looking at the distance while feeling the breeze on my skin. 

If the wind get any stronger....

then I can fly......

But in reality, that's the height he could fly....

The 2nd attempt didn't get any higher too...

I was not dancing on the sands....

see, my feet were off the sands...(cough cough)

Vincent who was watching us over there probably think we are idiots?

My shoes was half submerged in the pure white sands. 

Having a very very short quiet moment on their own...

He was chok-ing.

Him too...

I like this shot cause it gives an illusion that Vincent was half buried in the sand, but in fact, he was climbing up and almost reach the top of a dune. So cool !

This photo can cheat..I think 9 out of 10 people will think this is a snowy place. 

If I weren't the one who took those pictures, I would be cheated too....

I guess the boys feel the same too, they played on the white sands like they played on the white snow. 

Yo, wake up. We got to go now.


Still chok-ing.....

The time was about 3.30pm by then. Actually, our next stop would be picking mango in a mango farm. Husband said Feb-Mar is the only harvest season for the famous Australia mango.

Having some guts feeling the farm may not be opened in weekdays, in this low season, husband asked me to call them first. He was right, the man over the phone told me to come over on Saturday or Sunday. Luckily we called them first....Husband said we could change the schedule a bit and go to the farm on Sunday then. Fine for everyone. 

By the time we return to our farm, the time was nearly 6pm. I cooked extra fast and dinner was served at 7pm. 

That's all for the day. 


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