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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 2 - Pinnacle National Park

After leaving Lake Thetis, we headed to Pinnacle National Park. 

Located in the Nambung National Park, about 180km north of Perth, the Pinnacle is non-arguably the most popular tourist attraction in WA for the recent years. 

With thousands of limestone pillars rising up out of the bright yellow sand, this area consistently exceeds the expectations of the 1st time visitors, including me. 

By putting the camera on top of one of those rocks, we pose for a group photo. Not a nice one as grandma's face was half-blocked by the eldest grandson.

It is said that the raw material for the limestone of the Pinnacles came from seashells in an earlier epoch rich in marine life. These shells were broken down into lime rich sands which were blown inland to form high mobile dunes. 

Me and the pinnacle which I've picked. 

Son with the pinnacle which he's picked.

The rabbit pinnacle over there. 

It's really amazing to see all those limestone pillars, up to 4m tall from the desert. Quite a view !!

Son said this place is like a maze. Well, I agree with him too. 

Nowadays, the visitors can get up close to the Pinnacles on a scenic drive and walk trail. If it's not because of the very hot sun above our head, we would love to take a walk instead. 

Anyway, my boys are very different creatures, they never avoid the hot sun. Just when they started playing sand at there, we made them go. For this, they had made a major complaint. 

In order to pacify them, I'd promised I would give them some time later on. 

We then jumped into our rented car and drove inside the park....

All the drivers need to follow a small narrow sand path dotted by small rocks. So, a big car is not possible.

The pinnacles are beautiful. It's kind of waste that I could only snap some photos sitting in the car. 

Generally speaking, Australia is very flat, make its landscape relatively monotone. No wonder this place has been regarded as one of Australia's most unique landscape. 

Due to low season, there were not many tourists visiting Pinnacles on the day we did. Especially good is this place was not dominated by the China mainlanders. So, it's a kind blessing to us.

After a short drive, we pooled our car at here to feel the dessert....

We walked up a wooden platform to see the desert from a higher vantage point. 

Quite a magnificent view, like the scene in a scientific fiction movie. 

Looking at those formation, I wonder why they were formed and clustered only at here, but not the other places in Australia?

It's not uncommon to see burned plants everywhere. 

Gosh, this one is so burned up. Feel so sorry for its predicament. 

Golden sands....

Like holding gold in hand....

Son had put some golden sands in the used Cola bottle, said he wanted to bring some back to Hong Kong.

The moonscape scenery of those pillars rising out of the desert landscape of yellow quartz sand is a favourite subject for the photographers. 

My in-laws must be very surprised to see me taking so many photos of those pillars...haha...

To be honest, I only take the picture of the things which I think is beautiful, ok. 

The one in front is our rented car. It costs double of the normal standard car, consume quite a lot of fuel too. But it gave all of us the comfortable space and cool environment, so we have no complained of it. 

This was the 3rd car we saw before leaving the park. 

Excluding the time we have stopped for a while, the whole scenic drive took less than 15 minutes. 

Continue our drive to a nearby town to look for lunch....

On the way, our driver had made a stop when he saw a lookout signage. 

Husband pointed at those white stuffs and said this was the place we would go after lunch....

We stopped by a fishery town, called Lancelin. From the map, it seems quite big, but turn out to be a very small town. We finished driving the whole town in 5 minutes, looking for eateries. But very disappointing to find out many restaurants were closed in weekdays, due to low season. 

End up, we pooled our car at a road side shop. The shop is a mosquito size that no table can be put inside,  just 3 tables on the walking streets, with umbrella. There wasn't many choices on their menu too. So we simply ordered some burgers and fish-n-chips to fill our groaning tummy. Out of our expectation, the foods quality is  quite good, especially the fish, not something frozen for a very long time nor cheap. I was pleased with it. 

Sons have been prohibited from using iPad for quite some time. So even watching his dad checking for the map was entertaining. This generation....


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