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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 3 - End of Farmstay

On the 3rd morning, I woke up when I heard the quack sound of the front door being pushed opened by sons. I checked my watch, the time was nearly 7am.

Since I had slept enough by then, so I put on my jacket and followed them from behind.

They said they want to say proper good bye to the animals...

To my surprise, they love farmstay a lot. They even said this was the best "hotel" we have ever brought them to. 

The reason why they love farmstay so much is simply because there got so many play-mate for them.

To me, I will keep my safe distance from all those animals...

But to the boys, they don't keep that distance. In fact, they want to get closer to those animals out there.

They deliberately asked me to take all these pictures for them, said they want to them it as a remembrance.

So, by their instruction, I took those pictures for them.

Perhaps the alpacas had get acquainted to us after some time, they didn't spit to us even though we stood so close to them.

I have invited them to walk around the farm with me, but Vincent wanted to stay here longer. So,  I went away with William.

He is forever my favorite kid's model...

A small tree house which is hidden at the other side of the cottage. I didn't know about its existence until the day we left. By then, William had gone back to their friends in the farm again, so he will never get to know about this place.

The Gum Tree...

their trunk is silky smooth. 

I walked out to the road, there wasn't anybody nor any cars out there.

Corinne and her family had built a big house next to the cottage, with 3 big cars.

The plants in their front yard....

This one is huge, so cool.!

Another grape yard belongs to a neighbor. 

For those who are interested to go for a farmstay.

When William saw me came back from a walk, he asked me to take pictures for them again....

This time, they've got even closer to the chicken who lay eggs for us....

Amazing...I can never do this..

He said this one is very heavy, I think it weighs around 4-5 kg. 

Yes, finally hold it up. 

Luckily they didn't kiss them...Gosh, I must made them showered themselves thoroughly later on. 

At around 9am, the grandparents have woke up too. We took a simple breakfast, then the adults started packing, while the kids wrote something on the autograph book, like the other previous guests did. 

We hang around until 11am, then all set to go....

This farmstay is a pleasant one, better than my expectation.

I didn't know how the in-laws felt about this place, but the boys felt heart-breaking when they had to leave the farm. They kept asking us to bring them here again for holiday, which made me quite speechless. But when I saw William weep when he get into the car, I said yes. 


My Family's Memoir said...

This place must be so fantastic till your boys love it so much. Indeed a nice holiday for your family.

tasy said...

I truly believe kids who are not afraid of any animals and love them so much, have hearts of gold.

I myself would have stayed a distance away from any of these farm animals, however harmless they are. :)

Wish I could take my kids for a farmstay like this too, before they are big and grown up. Heck, joshua seems so grown up now! He says many times, he rather goes for holidays with his friends, more fun. *sob sob*

Jessy Lee said...

Yes, Juju, my boys said this farmstay was the best "hotel" we have ever brought them to lo...To me, it's so-so lah, but I still enjoyed it keh.

Jessy Lee said...

Tasy, I'm surprised to see my boys can get along so well with those farm animals too. I guess they just like to play with them lah..nothing to do with their heart kua, haha...

Yeah, when kids grow up, they tend to attach to their peers more than their parents, can't avoid it. So, we both try to make them attach to us a bit longer lah, sob sob.

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