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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 4 - Penguin Island

I've been really busy for the past few months that I have no mood to blog...but I don't want to quit, so, here I am. Anyway, I need to move faster cause soon, I will be away for 2 weeks. Gosh, really too much travelling these days. I just look forward to the days where I can live life in a normal pace again.

Back to Aussie trip, I shall continue with the Penguin Island....

We had get lost somewhere cause there is no signboard to show its way....

Oh, Penguin Island, where are you?

Somehow, we bumped into a coast which looks astonishing beautiful and quiet. Saw someone paddling in the company of a pelican, cool.

The boys insisted to play sand on the beach for a while. We let them be, but just for a few minutes time cause it's really darn hot standing under the hot sun.

Come on, we got to find Penguin Island.

Before leaving, husband stopped here for a while...

Just to see the coastal line better.

Ok, really got to go before the temperature rise to its maximum.

Finally, we found Penguin Island.

Penguin Island is one of WA's favourite day trip destinations, 45 minutes south of Perth and a 5 minutes ferry ride across Shoalwater Bay.

Although not advisable, some people still choose to walk on the sand bar instead of taking the ferry...

After waiting for 20 minutes, finally it's our turn to board on the ferry to Penguin Island. The time was 12:40 pm.

Pengiun Island as seen from the coast.

Rockingham Wild Encounters is the only cruise company licenced to visit Penguin Island & the wildlife sanctuary zone of the Shoalwater Island's Marine Park.

The boys said it looks fun to walk on the sandbar, not knowing the danger behind.

In fact, this sandbar is dangerous for lives have been lost.

5 minutes later, we landed on this beautiful island.

For the beach lovers, that's the place.

I'm not a beach lover, cause I don't like the sticky-wet feeling. If I want to go swimming, I would rather go to the swimming pool. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the vast-ocean view cause it's beautiful. 

The only architecture on the island. In order to preserve the island, there is no restaurant or cafe over there. So visitors are advice to bring their own foods or drinks before departing to the island. 

It's so hot that everyone would go to the shaded area naturally. 

The piece of shade we have got...

Of course that table is the best of all...After some time, it became ours.

The star attraction is the little penguin, but they all will go to the ocean to find foods at day time. So the only place we can get to see them is during the feeding time, in the selected area.

The penguins habitat in the island are the smallest species in the world.

Vincent wanted to play water in there, but we told him to wait after we came back from and island hopping.

Going off to other islands....

The pier as seen from the far.

The color of the ocean is not a dull homogeneous, love it. 

On the boat going sailing to the marine park, habitat of the wildlife including dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, pelicans, kings skins and other 50 species of sea birds.

Hi sweetie...

The other side of Penguin Island. If it wasn't because of the hot sun, we would love to go for a hike around the island. 

Hundred of pelicans gathered at one side of the island. Quite a view. 

There are many peculiar rocks surrounding the islands. This one looks like a chameleon.

Some people were snorkeling here, Vincent admired them a lot.

When we saw this dolphin-boat, we get very excited cause that's mean there is a possibility we would get to see dolphins here.

True enough, dolphins were here..

We saw nearly 15-20 dolphins swam in the regions.

Some in pairs...

Some in groups...

We were so lucky to get to see dolphins on the way to see the sea-lion. There is this dolphins ride, charged nearly 2x higher than the sea-lions trip (which we have signed in). So, that's purely our best of luck. 

A closer look at those peculiar rocks...

I saw 2 angry chameleons, face-to-face, about to start a fight.

I saw the head of a stone fish...

Ok, finally we have got to see the sea lions. The tour guide said those sea lions are very lazy to breed themselves, so only 3 that is left in the region. I can foresee they are going to extinct if nothing is done to keep their existence. 

Our boat has stopped here for quite a while, but we saw no actions at all. Those sea lions just laze there like nobody business.

The birds are more lively. They are the only species who move. 

The sea lion in the middle is considered the most active one. From time to time, it would raise his head...

or move his fore arm, but for a very brief moment only. 

If not seeing carefully, we won't even notice those 3 sea lions.

It's totally not excited to see those lazy bugs...

5 minutes later, our boat sailed away from this small islet and returned to Penguin Island. 

As promised, we let Vincent tried out his newly bought snorkeling gears...

Since husband and William didn't want to do it, so Vincent was alone.

He seemed quite anxious to do snorkeling alone, but still managed to do it for some time. 

While Vincent was doing his business, we have our photo session at one side. 

At around 4 pm, we left Penguin Island.

William described his outfit as : Just return from a trip to the center of the earth. 

Due to the hot weather, the trip was an exhausting one to all of us. Father-in-law even got a terrible headache and he fell asleep in the car. Poor him. 

After we dropped them off at 'home', husband and I drove to a nearby grocery store. I prepared some dishes as our reunion dinner for the last day in lunar calender. 


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